1 Day Unlimited Internet Code Zain

1 Day Unlimited Internet Code Zain. The Zain 1 Day Unlimited Internet Package Code provides unrestricted access to both 4G and 5G mobile internet for the duration of a single day. Customers with either a postpaid or prepaid plan with Zain KSA can pay 3 SAR per day to have this package activated on their accounts. To subscribe to this package, navigate to messages, create a new text message, and then send it to 712 with the subject “DD.”

Prepaid customers who are looking for the best-unlimited internet plan that Zain KSA 4G has to offer can purchase this package. Even though this promotion was made available to customers for the first time in 2015, they can still sign up for it even if they already have an active bucket. The 1 Day Unlimited Internet Package has been broken down into its component parts for your convenience below.

Code for Zain’s 1-Day Unlimited Internet Package:

Entering *712# on your keypad or sending DD to 712 will turn on the Zain 1-day unlimited internet package. This package’s cheapest activation fee is three Saudi Riyals (SAR).

Package NameUnlimited daily internet
Price3 SAR including Tax
Activation Code712, Send “DD” 712
Validity1 Day
Code for Zain’s 1-Day Unlimited Internet Package
  • This offer is available for subscription to all customers, both prepaid and postpaid
  • Included in the price is the government tax, which is 3 SAR
  • All users of Zain KSA are eligible to purchase this package
How do I check the price of a one-day unlimited internet package?

The day unlimited internet package can be checked out by dialing 959

How much does an unlimited internet package cost?

A package that includes internet access for one day costs 3 SAR. This package currently includes tax; however, its prices may be subject to change in the future

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