11th Class Biology Reproduction MCQs PDF 2022

11th Class Biology Reproduction MCQs PDF 2022. Biology mcqs with answers pdf. Class 11 biology mcqs chapter wise. Biology mcq pdf free download . Mcqs of biology class 12. Mcq questions for class 11 biology with answers Human reproduction questions and answers pdf grade 12 Biology mcqs class 11 Chapter 1 mcqs of biology class 11.

11th Class Biology Reproduction MCQs PDF Biology Multiple-Choice Reproduction Questions and Answers for 11th Grade Reptile reproduction is a multiple choice question and answer for 11th grade biology. The process of Plant Reproduction begins when a plant reproduces. The site provides pdf files with reproduction MCQs.

These multiple-choice questions (MCQs) are designed to help you study for the MDCAT Entry Test 2022 Biology section of the exam.

This PDF contains 11th-grade biology MCQs regarding reproduction. The questions are based on the most recent curriculum updates, so you can be confident that they are correct. They were created with the whole Punjab board syllabus in mind, and they are intended to assist students in class 11th in preparing for exams that would cover these topics. Here’s how it works: These multiple-choice questions (MCQs) were designed with a range of learning styles in mind, allowing students to learn about the concepts in a more straightforward manner.

MCQs for 11th Biology Reproduction:

Examine the key points of this article, which are listed below. This will offer you a general notion of how the chapter’s replication will seem at the end.

The Presynthetic Gap in the Cell Cycle Synthesis of DNA Mitosis Cancer Prophase Metaphase
Cytokinesis and Telophase
The Reproduction System
Male Reproductive Anatomy
Oogenesis Sexual Development Spermatogenesis Female Reproductive Anatomy
Follicular Phase Ovulation Luteal Phase Menstruation Pregnancy Menopause The Menstrual Cycle

Reproduction Multiple-Choice Questions:

Take a look at the multiple choice questions on the reproduction of the chapter. The notes, which you may download in pdf format at the conclusion of this article and peruse at your leisure, were also used to create these multiple-choice questions.

Some ovarian tumors, known as granulosa, have been demonstrated to produce excessive amounts of oestrogen, which can be harmful. When a doctor discovers a granulosa cell tumor, he or she may examine the generating tract for subsequent cancer in which of the following areas?


During the luteal phase of the menstrual cycle, many women’s bodies have high levels of oestrogen, which causes the tissue to become more bloody and glandular. Estrogen is the hormone responsible for this.

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