11th English Guides For Federal And KPK Boards Pdf Download

11th English Guides For Federal And KPK Boards Pdf Download.11th English guide pdf available for free download from the KPK and Federal boards. Federal Board Model paper 2022. The English Grammar and Composition Book for the Eleventh Grade, Available in PDF Format A summary of each lesson, along with the poetry translated into Urdu. Themes from poetry together with an Urdu translation. All of the 11th grade English lessons and poetry are provided with an Urdu translation. Exercises for all of the 11th grade English classes, including solutions and explanations of the grammar used.

Topic Descriptions 11th English Guide:

The Duties Involved In His Very First Flight

The Best Wood, With All My Love, From My Mother

I consider it to be my nation.

A Mother to Her Child

Option for a Profession


The lamb that is white

The fate of the world rests with us.

The significance of one’s family

That Of The Blanket


A lengthy journey back home

The University Occasions

Compared to the School, Education

What you put out into the world is who you are.

A dream nested inside of a dream

Problems with substance abuse among young people in Pakistan

The proper way to do an interview for a job

The path that was not travelled

The advancements made

Topics of Grammar and Composition:

Phrase and clause within a sentence

The different components of speech



verbs in their proper form verbs






The pieces of writing


Tenses along with their application


Conditional sentences

Combining of different sentences

Both active and passive voice are included.

Both straight and roundabout

Translations from Urdu into English


Writing up an application

Putting pen to paper

Fiction and Expository Writing

Writing in the dialogue formatt

Crafting of paragraphs

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