11th English Heat Lightning Short Questions MCQs & Synonyms

11th English Heat Lightning Short Questions MCQs & Synonyms.From the FS Part 1 English Dictionary, these are words that mean the same thing as heat and lightning. Important Synonyms, multiple choice questions and short questions.11th English Heat Lightning, There is no answer key. Try to figure it out on your own first.

11th English Heat Lightning,In this post, I will be providing students with multiple choice questions and answers pertaining to the FSC 1st Year English Book 3 Play 1 Heat Lightning Synonyms. 11th English Heat Lightning,This is the first of three plays taken from the English Book 3 textbook for the 11th grade. Plays and poems written specifically for FSC Part 1 students can be found in this collection. I have already distributed the Multiple Choice Questions and Answers for the Heat Lightning Play, and now I will distribute the Synonyms for the Heat Lightning Play.

11th English Heat Lightning,Visit the FSC 1st Year All Subjects Notes website if you are currently enrolled in Class 11 of the school. If, on the other hand, you are just interested in English Notes, you can follow this link to access the FSC English Notes. 11th English Heat Lightning,In addition to this, the notes for English book 1 have already been distributed.

11th Grade English Book 3 Play 1 Synonyms:

You’ll find the answers to all 28 Multiple Choice Questions on Synonyms from the 11th Class English Book 3 Heat Lightning Play below. The Kips Notes source has been consulted for these synonyms. I am going to give them to you in the form of a test. To view the appropriate response, select the button labelled “display answer.”

  1. Her hair is in an unkempt state.
    (A) reduced (B) increased (C) thickened (D) jumbled
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  2. She breaks down into cries and runs to the Man as swiftly as possible.
    (A) cries (B) leaps (C) cries out (D) hurries
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  3. You were unable to come up with anything that could provide the authorities with a possible lead, were you?
    (A) promise
    (B) clue (C) success
    (D) vision
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  4. Another burst of light occurs, this time illuminating the door in the middle of the room.
    (A) demonstrating (B) pointing out (C) illuminating (D) increasing in size
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  5. The door is making a raucous rattling sound.
    It either (A) clatters (B) crashes (C) rumbles (D) or collapses.
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  6. The door is making a raucous rattling sound.
    (A) aggressively (B) purposefully (C) quietly (D) subduedly
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  7. I’m willing to wager that she has a higher IQ than you have.
    (A) more imposing in stature (B) more alluring (C) more perceptive (D) more slender
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  8. The girl gives off the impression that she is going to pass out.
    behave in one of the following ways: (A) feign (B) get unconscious (C) turn pale (D) be afraid
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  9. The Girl cries aloud, but her voice is barely audible.
    (A) unpleasant (B) restrained (C) horrifying (D) boisterous
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  10. He makes his way towards the door in the middle of the room.
    (A) walks in a rapid way
    (B) moves around in an unstable manner.
    (C) walks in a calm style
    (D) walks in an odd way
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  11. She behaves in a suspicious manner and moves away.
    (A) hesitantly (B) jeeringly (C) pretentiously (D) uncertainly
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  12. Off in the distance, I can make out the buzz of an engine.
    (A) commotion (B) a muffled sound (C) a splash (D) a piercing sound
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  13. The girl is completely taken aback.
    (A) completely submerged; (B) thoroughly soaked
    (C) were astonished (D) were spun
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  14. In her haste to catch up with him, the girl slams the door behind her.
    (A) pounding (B) locking (C) knocking (D) clinging
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  15. The sole light in the room is coming from the beam of the flashlight, which casts a penetrating light.
    (A) dull (B) distorted (C) dim
    (D) sharp
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  16. A dog seizes the man with its pointed jaws and holds him tightly.
    (A) barks (B) grabs (C) pierces (D) grips with its claws
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  17. The young lady exits the house to pet the dog.
    (A) smack (B) shove (C) attack (D) strike
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  18. The young lady seemed to be rather anxious.
    (A) stressed out (B) powerful (C) astute (D) joyful
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  19. The second man said that he was making up the events that he was experiencing.
    (A) confirming (B) daydreaming (C) examining (D) producing (E) proving Show Answer
  20. The young lady claims that she is in no rush at all and that she has plenty of time.
    (A) insignificant (B) noteworthy (C) satisfying (D) deplorable
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  21. The second man inquires as to whether or not she has been bothered by anyone.
    (A) punishing (B) teasing (C) adoring (D) upsetting
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  22. The man makes his way over to it and looks through the glass.
    (A) takes a look (B) throws (C) rubs (D) bangs
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  23. “Oh God, I’m afraid,” the man said.
    (A) interested (B) alarmed (C) being pursued (D) feeling endangered
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  24. As he rushed, the sound of water splattering under his feet was audible to me.
    (A) oozing (B) running (C) streaming (D) spattering
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  25. If you don’t confront the things you’re frightened of, you’ll never be able to overcome your fear of them.
    (A) persevere (B) overcome (C) mind
    (D) stumble over
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  26. The girl turns her head toward the light and immediately starts crying again.
    (A) weeping (B) conversing (C) laughing (D) wondering
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  27. the dreary inside of a bus terminal that is located across an empty highway.
    (A) Outside (B) Superior (C) Inside (D) inferior
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28 She quakes at the very idea of her own ideas.
(A) she sobs (B) she shudders (C) she smiles (D) she worries
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Flashes of Heat Lightning Question:

  1. Why was the girl unable to identify the person who murdered her?
    Ans. In the darkness, she did not have a good enough view of the perpetrator to accurately describe him, and she was too terrified to accurately describe anything else. Therefore, she was unable to characterise the perpetrator. Even the manner in which the man had dressed was completely lost on her.

Q.2 What were the reasons that she had no choice but to get out of her vehicle?
Ans. Because her automobile had run out of gas, she had to abandon it. I’m going to try to catch a bus so I can get home.

The next question is: Why did she seek assistance from the first man? Or, why did the woman think the first man was going to be her helper?
Ans. She thought the first man was another passenger waiting for the bus, so she approached him for assistance. She thought the first man was a passenger. As a result, she looked to the first man she saw as her saviour and pleaded with him for assistance.

The fourth question concerns the current state of the weather.
Ans. It was pouring down rain quite heavily. There were lightning bolts and thunder claps that occurred simultaneously. The night was dark and stormy.

Question 5: Why did the second man say the first man was lying about something?
Ans. The second guy accused the first man of deceiving him because he believed the first man had attempted to make him believe that there was no one else in the waiting area. The second man accused the first man of lying. Although the second man had observed a woman there, the first man had covered her presence since he didn’t want the girl to be discovered.

As the play continues, does the female character develop a sense of mistrust toward the first man?
Ans. As the play continues, the female character does not have any suspicions regarding the first man. Throughout the entirety of the play, she views him as her defender. However, at the very conclusion of the play, she notices that he is taking her own flashlight out of the pocket of his coat.

What does she think of the other man? that’s the seventh question.
Ans. She is convinced that the second man is the murderer because he was the one who chased her all the way to the bus terminal and she witnessed him removing the dead body of a girl from his car.

Why didn’t she go with the other man? That’s question number eight.
Ans. She decided not to go with the second man because she was convinced that he was the murderer she had seen removing the body of a girl who had recently died from his vehicle. She had a tremendous amount of fear of the second man because she believed that he would also kill her.

Exercise for Further Practice Containing Extra Questions and Answers Taken From the KIPS Notes
The 8 Questions and Answers that were provided earlier came from the textbook exercise for the class 11 English play titled “Heat Lightning Questions Answers.” However, for the purpose of practise, I have included the following 15 short questions and answers taken from the first year English Kips Notes.

The first question is: Why did the girl go out when it was storming?
Ans. The young lady was at a party, and although she had the option of staying the whole night with a friend, she ultimately decided to leave since she didn’t believe she had enough petrol to travel back home.

What did the girl notice as she strolled along the road in question 2?
Ans. She was walking along the road when she saw a car that had driven off into one of the lanes. However, as she got closer, she noticed a man dragging the lifeless body of a young woman out of the vehicle.

Q.3 In what kind of shape was the girl when she came into the waiting room?
Ans. The girl’s clothing was soaked and covered in muck, and her hair was all tangled up and unruly. She was crying uncontrollably and appeared to be really distressed.

Q.4 What prompted the first man to suggest that the girl report the incident to the authorities?
Ans. The first man approached the girl and requested her to go to the police so that he could find out whether or not she was able to report the terrible event to the authorities.

Question 5: Why did the first man insist that the girl use the restroom designated for females?
Ans. Because the second man was furiously knocking at the door of the waiting room, and the first man did not want the second man to see the girl there, the first man urged that she go to the women’s room. He did not want the girl to be seen by the second man.

What did the first man say to the woman in question (Q.6)?
Ans. He advised her to calm down and get a grip on herself. He gave her the assurance that he would assist her and also stated that he would not have her. He instructed her to go to the police and file a report about the terrible event.

Q.7 What are some of the contributing elements that led to the successful rescue of the girl?
The arrival of the second man and the deity, who had come to the area to protect themselves from the storm, both contributed to the successful rescue of the young woman. However, the dog was the primary agent in seizing the man and compelling him to flee the scene.

Q.8 How did the young lady come to understand the truth?
Ans. The moment she witnessed the first man taking a flashlight out of the pocket of his coat was the moment she understood the truth. In her moment of extreme fright, she had carelessly thrown away her flashlight.

Q.9 What happened to the girl in the end to ensure her safety?
Ans. The young lady shut the centre door as soon as she saw the first man remove a flashlight from the pocket of his coat. She hurried to the door and was able to secure it before the man could approach her. The dog, which had come there by chance to seek shelter from the storm, pounced on the man and seized him by the throat with its pointed fangs. It then compelled the man to flee the area.

  1. How did the second man try to assist the young lady in overcoming her phobia of thunder and lightning?
    Ans. He took the girl by the arm and led her to the window so that he could show her a large bolt of lightning. He advised her that the only way to overcome her fear of things was for her to experience those things for herself.

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