11th English I have a dream Short Questions MCQs & Synonyms

11th English I have a dream Short Questions MCQs & Synonyms.I have a dream Synonyms for students in the 11th grade of the English language. Exams for FSC English Part 1 Broken Down by Unit The examinations for Intermediate English Part 1 are divided up into individual chapters. There is no answer key available for this test. Make an effort to understand things on your own.

MCQs from the textbook for 11th class English:

11th English I have a dream,When someone says to you, “You have come here out of enormous difficulties and tribulations,” they are referring to the fact that you have arrived here .
(A) going to a fair; (B) enduring tremendous persecution and suffering; (C) achieving great honour; and (D) doing large journeys
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When someone says that “You have been the veterans of creative pain,” they are referring to the fact that you have been the .
troops with years of experience who have endured mental anguish (A) valuable assets of a nation (B) the spearhead of a country (C) army personnel (D)
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What does it mean for a nation to say that it will “live out the genuine implications of its creed”?
A) The African-Americans will go out of the country; B) They will improve themselves to the level of other people; C) They will demonstrate their value; D) They will continue to be a minority.
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To what does it amount?
(A) equality between the rich and the poor (B) the exclusion of white people (C) the rules of the blacks
(D) the expression of fraternity in daily life
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Which of these states is a desert state that is sweltering under the heat of oppression and injustice?
(A) Georgia (B) Alabama (C) Mississippi (D) Virginia
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What exactly does it entail to be the Governor of Alabama?
(A) causes interferences (B) employs flattering language (C) causes interruptions (D) assists blacks
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What will be elevated in status?
(A) mountains (B) valleys (C) hills (D) rivers (E) other topographical features
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What is meant by the phrase “every hill and mountain shall be laid low” is that .
A) There will be no distinction between high and poor classes B) Hills and mountains will be levelled C) There will be no distinction between classes D) People from lower classes will rise to the top of society
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Whose majesty will be brought to light?
(A) the president (B) the lord (C) the governor (D) the mayor (E) the governor Show Answer

What exactly is the lovely melody that brotherhood creates?
(A) a guitar (B) a violin (C) a brotherhood song (D) a musical composition of brotherhood A violin B the brotherhood song C a guitar D a musical composition of fraternity
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I Have a Dream Synonyms Test from Kips Notes for the Eleventh Lesson of the First Year of English
Please find below 21 different multiple choice questions based on the book “I Have a Dream.” Find out what the right response is.

Martin Luther King Jr. encouraged those who supported him to act on the conviction that suffering brought on by others was .
(A) good for one’s health (B) redemptive (C) prosperous (D) productive
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Martin Luther implores the people who support him to return to the slums and ghettos of their Hometown.
(A) cities in the western region (B) cities in the southern region (C) cities in the northern region (D) cities in the eastern region
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In spite of the challenges and uncertainty of the current situation. I have not given up on my dream.
(A) surprises (B) eagerness (C) resources (D) frustrations
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Martin Luther has a dream that the state of Mississippi will become an oasis of freedom and equality.
(A) freedom (B) equal treatment (C) fair treatment (D) repression
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Which criteria ought to be used when making judgments?
(A) the colour of their skin (B) their caste (C) the shade of their hair (D) the substance of their character
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Every single guy and girl ought to be allowed to hold hands and proceed down the street as a .
A and B are brothers and sisters C and D are colleagues D and E are companions A and B are masters and slaves
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“This is the faith that I bring with me when I go back to the .”
(A) to the east (B) to the south (C) to the west (D) to the north
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Some of you have just arrived here from .
(A) open plains; (B) peculiar localities; (C) shadowy regions; (D) constricted prison cells;
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You have been subjected to the inhumane treatment of the .
(A) the king (B) the president (C) the monarch (D) the police
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“Let us not wallow in the valley of _,” the speaker said.
(A) Mississippi (B) frustrations
(C) Alabama (D) despair
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My hope is that one day, when my children are grown, people won’t evaluate them based on the colour of their skin but rather on the qualities that they’ve demonstrated in their lives.
The correct answers are: (A) two (B) three (C) four (D) five
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The crooked places are going to be straightened out.
(A) elongating (B) being direct (C) being weighty (D) being oppressively hot
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_ suggests that “We shall be able to hew out of the mountain of despair, a stone of hope.”
(A) realism (B) racism (C) optimism (D) pessimism
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Let the bells of liberty toll from the lofty peaks of !
A is for Georgia, B is for New York, C is for Atlanta, and D is for New Hampshire.
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Let the bells of liberty ring out from the lofty mountains of !
(A) The Big Apple (B) The Garden State (C) The Nation’s Capital (D) Mississippi
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Raise your voices for liberty from the summits of _‘s snow-capped Rockies!
(A) the state of Mississippi (B) the state of Colorado (C) the Alleghenies (D) the state of California
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Martin Luther King Jr. believed that pain that was not self-inflicted was .
(A) suffocating (B) neutralising (C) scalding (D) redemptive
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“Let freedom ring from the mountains of Tennessee”!
(A) Mount Lookout (B) The Rocky Mountains (C) a molehill (D) Stone Mountain
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Where exactly is the location of the red hills?
A is for Georgia; B is for New York; C is for Alabama; D is for South Carolina
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Luther battled against the Roman Catholic Church.
(A) the apparatus of the state (B) the legal system (C) white Americans (D) prejudice against races
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_ is the author of the song “I Have a Dream.”
O. Henry, Langston Hughes, and Martin Luther King Jr. are the winners (D) Jesse, Please Show the Answer

Chapter 11 Synonyms I Have a Dream Types of Objective Questions:

Each question has a total of 4 different responses that could be given. Make an effort to discover the appropriate responses.11th English I have a dream, Simply clicking the “Show Answer” button will reveal the correct selection for you to select.

Some of you have made it through extremely difficult circumstances to arrive at this place.
A) Difficulties and tribulations B) Discrimination C) Legislation D) Nullification and Interposition
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Let the bells of liberty toll from the lofty peaks of Pennsylvania’s Allegheny Mountains!
(A) extremely vast (B) covered in snow (C) extremely tall (D) sprawling
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Your visitor seeking freedom has abandoned you, leaving you to be beaten by the storms of persecution.
(A) not knowing (B) looking (C) having knowledge (D) being repulsed by something
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You have been pummelling by the onslaught of persecutors’ anger and wrath.
(A) tyranny (B) deliverance (C) gale force winds (D) violent weather
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You have the most experience when it comes to the creative agony.
(A) the original masters (B) the bearer (C) the disciple (D) the founder
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Martin Luther King believed that suffering that was not deserved can be redemptive.
(A) eructative (B) intolerable (C) revolting (D) favourable
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Return to the shantytowns and ghettos that dot the urban landscape of our northern cities.
areas that are (A) upscale, (B) elevated, (C) expansive, and (D) impoverished
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Do not allow yourselves to become mired in the pit of despondency.
A: laugh B: weep C: roll D: sleep A: roll B: sleep
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The oppressive heat of the state of Mississippi’s desert makes it feel like you’re baking in the sun.
(A) detonations (B) a scorching sun (C) oppression (D) eruptions of volcanoes
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If freedom were to come to Mississippi, a state that is currently a desert, it would become an oasis.
(A) a barren spot (B) a heightening peak (C) a wasteland (D) a fertile spot
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The words of interposition were falling from the governor’s mouth in a steady stream.
(A) interfering with (B) forgiving (C) showing mercy (D) recognising the significance of (E)
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The word “nullification” was coming out of the governor’s mouth like water from a faucet.
(A) the agreement; and (B) the issuing
(C) acceptance
(D) cancellation
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The places where they were crooked would be made straight.
(A) straight (B) stifling (C) twisted (D) drenched
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If we have faith in what we are doing, we will be able to carve a stone of hope out of the mountain of despair.
A. to bring out B. to cut out C. to give out D. to cut off
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A harmonious symphony of brotherhood would emerge from the jangling discords that currently characterise the nation.
(A) disputes (B) issues
(C) poor neighbourhoods (D) the causes
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All of the nation’s strident disagreements would be transformed into a harmonious symphony of brotherhood.
(A) independence (B) discord (C) equilibrium (D) anarchy
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Raise your voices for liberty from the lofty heights of New Hampshire’s mountains.
(A) lush; (B) rugged; (C) desolate; (D) expansive;
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Let the bells of liberty toll from the undulating summits of California.
(A) sloping (B) lowering (C) increasing (D) levelling off
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Let freedom ring from every hamlet.
(A) slums (B) small villages (C) the countryside (D) ghettos
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Your pursuit of liberty has left you stumbling in the face of brutality on the part of the police.
(A) restrained (B) encouraged (C) wobbled (D) squelched
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Your pursuit of liberty has left you stumbling in the face of brutality on the part of the police.
(A) cruel treatment (B) a lack of mindfulness (C) conduct (D) an investigation
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Move your family back into the ghettos and slums of our northern cities.
(A) places for community (B) places with sand (C) places with open space (D) places with forests
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The state of Mississippi is sweltering under the oppression and injustice that is rampant throughout the state.
(A) smouldering (B) energising (C) chilly (D) calming
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Martin Luther King held the belief that suffering that was not deserved can be redemptive.
A) an excessive amount of B) political C) an unfair amount of D) racial
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You were beaten down by the storms of persecution as a result of your pursuit of freedom.
(A) confronted (B) hurt (C) blown (D) ignited (E)
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The governor’s mouth is filled with words of interposition, and they are dripping from his lips.
(A) overflowing (B) curving (C) slipping (D) shutting
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Let the bells of liberty toll from the undulating summits of California.
(A) dales (B) ravines (C) valleys (D) tops
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I am not ignorant of the fact that some of you have made it through extremely difficult circumstances in order to be here today.
(A) aware (B) oblivious (C) experienced (D) troubled (E)
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I still have a dream for the future, despite the challenges and setbacks that I am facing right now.
(A) failures (B) urges (C) challenges
(D) discords
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You have overcome a significant amount of difficulty to arrive at this place.
(A) occurrences (B) interruptions (C) legal proceedings (D) challenges
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11th English I have a dream Types of Short Questions:

11th English I have a dream,You will find the answers to the questions in this post for the 1st Year English Chapter 11: I have a Dream question paper for students in Class 11. Chapter 11 of the student textbook for Grade 11 contains this short story. 11th English I have a dream,This short story is actually a speech given by Martin Luthar King in front of a very large group of people.

11th English I have a dream, He was respected throughout the black community for his leadership. I have already distributed short stories and their accompanying notes to the students in FSC part 1. Students who are interested in viewing all of the English Notes for the first year of FA and FSC can check out this page.

Question 1: What led to the dissatisfaction of the African-Americans?
In the United States, black people were looked down upon and treated with contempt. They were not allowed to have any degree of autonomy, and they were mistreated. Their dissatisfaction can be traced back to the aforementioned contributing factors.

What distinguishes those who call themselves “veterans of creative suffering” from other people?
The practitioners of creative suffering develop the resilience necessary to persevere through adversity in order to realise their ambitions. They fight with all their hearts and with a lot of patience.

  1. What did Martin Luther King Jr. hope to accomplish with his life?
    The elimination of racial and other forms of discrimination in the United States was one of Martin Luther King Jr.’s goals. There will be justice and there will be equality. People are going to be evaluated based on the qualities that define their character.
  2. What kind of religious practise ought to be observed by African-Americans?
    They should go through life and go about their work with the conviction that even undeserved suffering can bring about spiritual growth. They are going to be rewarded in the end, and one day the glory of God is going to be revealed.

Why was it important to argue for the freedom of the slaves, specifically African Americans?
Ans. The rights of the Negroes were not equal to those of the whites. They were treated in a manner similar to slaves. Therefore, it was essential to argue on their behalf so that they could be granted the rights that were due to them.

The following question asks, “Q.6 What ought to be the criterion of judgement for a person?”
The content of a person’s character, rather than the colour of their skin, should be the standard by which they are judged, not the colour of their skin.

Does freedom exist for African-Americans in every region of their home country?
Ans. No, the freedom of the Negroes is not universally practised throughout their nation.

Q.8 People of African descent settled there from what region of the United States?
A number of states in the United States, including Mississippi, Alabama, South Carolina, Georgia, and Louisiana, were among those from which the Negroes originated.

Q.9 Put the song down on paper using your own words.
Ans. It is the nation I call home. It is the dearest land of freedom that I possess. I make music for it. This is the burial place of my ancestors. I take great pride in it. Freedom ought to be available in every location.

The effect of repeatedly using the same words is discussed in Question 10.
The use of the same words multiple times emphasises both the sentiment and the expression. It demonstrates the theme in a more compelling manner.

Questions and Answers for the English Class 11 Unit on the Poem “I Have a Dream” provided by Kips Notes
Q.1 Who exactly was Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
Ans. During the 1950s and 1960s in the United States, the Civil Rights Movement was led by Martin Luther King Jr., who was a great leader of the movement. He was an advocate for the civil liberties of African-Americans. In 1968, he was killed by a bullet to the head.

To what extent does the speech’s title, “I Have a Dream,” reflect its content?
Ans. The phrase “I have a dream” is an excellent choice for the speech of a civil rights leader because it is both appropriate and significant. Throughout his entire life, Martin Luther had a dream of seeing black people receive their due justice.

The third question concerns the kind of hope that Martin Luther King had for his own children.
Answer: He had a dream that one day he would be able to raise his four young children in a country where they would not be judged based on the colour of their skin or the content of their character. He hoped that one day his dream would come true.

In response to question number four, what does the speaker think about the current Governor of Alabama?
According to the orator (Martin Luther), the governor of Alabama was dripping with the words “interposition” and “nullification” as he spoke them.

  1. What steps would you recommend taking to ensure that justice is served to all segments of society?
    The only way for justice to triumph is for all members of society to be accorded the same level of respect. It is necessary to do away with discrimination on the basis of racial, colour, and religious identity.

In what ways can we expect to see a shift in the circumstances facing the state of Alabama?
In the future, everyone in the state of Alabama will have the same rights and responsibilities. Children of both races are going to hold hands and march in step with each other as if they are siblings.

What exactly were the words that were sung during the Old Negro spiritual?
In the old African-American spiritual, the words “Free at last!” can be found. At long last, liberty! We are finally free, praise be to the Most High God.

What does Martin Luther have to say about suffering that is not deserved?
Martin Luther believed that innocent people could be saved through the experience of suffering.

Who was released from the cramped jail cells, Q.10?
Ans. Many of the people who supported Martin Luther King, Jr. and his Civil Rights Movement were incarcerated at the time.

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