11th English Lesson God Be Praised Synonyms & Short Questions

11th English Lesson God Be Praised Synonyms & Short Questions.God Be Praised’s lesson on synonyms, without the answers. Fsc english part 1 lesson To the glory of God, here are some key synonyms and important questions to ask.11th English Lesson God Be Praised, This list of synonyms and questions is only meant to be used on English tests for students, teachers, and educational institutions like academies.

11th English Lesson God Be Praised,In this post, I will give some educational Notes on the English Short Story God Be Praised that we studied in the 11th class. Therefore, students of FA, FSC, ICS, and ICom Part 1 should read this post because it contains the synonyms from 1st Year English Chapter 13. 11th English Lesson God Be Praised,If you are now in the 11th grade, you need to go to the 1st Year English Short Stories Notes page. However, I have already provided you with English notes for class 11, and ilmihub is a website where you can locate notes for all of your topics. Kips Notes is the source of these words, which sound very much like “Short Story God Be Praised.”

11th English Lesson God Be Praised,Not only are the notes for the first year available in PDF format, but the books for the first year themselves are also available in PDF format. The short narrative “God Be Praised” can be found in the 13th lesson of the First Year English Book 1. You can, however, obtain Plays and Poems from the PDF version of the First Year English Book 3, which is available for download.

11th Class English Chapter 13 Synonyms MCQs (God Be Praised):

Under each question with more than one answer choice, you will see a list of all four answers. Learn what the right answer is.

Della would have washed and dried her hair in front of whoever was living in the rooms that were adjacent to theirs if there had been a queen living there.
(A) the county (B) the community (C) the lodgings (D) the neighbourhood
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Jim would have checked the time on his watch each time they met if a king had resided in the same house as them and brought all of his wealth with him.
(A) riches (B) attire (C) garments (D) precious stones
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Jim was aware that not even a king could possess anything of of great value.
(A) important (B) colourful (C) attractive (D) precious
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After that, she hastily and nervously repositioned it so that it covered her entire head.
A. joyfully B. anxiously C. furiously D. unexpectedly
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Mrs. Sofronie, who was tall and too white for her own good, looked at her with ice in her eyes.
(A) dishonest (B) concerned with monetary gain (C) inhospitable (D) brusque
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Both Jim and the chain were known for their peace and worth.
(A) value (B) serenity (C) allure (D) tranquilly
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When Della got home, her mind started to calm down a little bit.
A. slept B. worked C. remained calm D. became increasingly angry
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The chatter in Della’s head subsided, and she started considering things in a more logical manner.
A. very loudly B. very emphatically C. very respectfully D. very logically
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When combined, love and generosity of spirit have the potential to leave a lasting impression.
(A) conscientious (B) frugal (C) generous (D) stingy
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“It won’t matter to you, will it?”
(A) fret (B) fare (C) dare (D) gaze (E) consider
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My esteem for you is incomprehensible to anyone else.
(A) compassion (B) love (C) humbling oneself (D) understanding (A)
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White fingers peeled themselves away from the paper.
A. scuffed B. touched C. folded D. unwrapped A. scratched B. touched C. folded
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Both Jim and the chain were known for their peace and worth.
(A) radiance (B) allure (C) straightforwardness (D) economicalness
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When combined, love and generosity of spirit have the potential to leave a lasting impression.
(A) stains (B) impressions (C) blows (D) blobs
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I looked for it in every nook and cranny of the city.
(A) investigated (B) appraised (C) informed (D) reduced expenses
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The Magi were enlightened individuals, and the presents they gave were, without a doubt, sensible ones.
(A) without a doubt (B) insufficiently (C) obscurely (D) reudely
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Jim’s eyes were completely expressionless the entire time.
(A) signal (B) illumination (C) radiance (D) reduction in lightness
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She made an effort to hide the marks of her sadness.
(A) count (B) conceal (C) conceal (D) feel (E) reveal
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It looked like he was having a hard time grasping what had taken place.
(A) performed (B) understood (C) experienced (D) transpired
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You were aware of its immense value despite the fact that it was presented in such a straightforward manner.
(A) without ornamentation (B) with ornamentation (C) with a smooth surface (D) with obviousness
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I searched high and low throughout the entire town for.
(A) looked for; (B) found; (C) acquired; (D) put in place
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The following two hours felt like they went by in a flash.
(A) seemed to be in a rush, and (B) moved on.
(C) passed fast
(D) expired
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God Be Praised Class 11 Questions and Answers:

What was the entire name of the person known as Alias Abul?
Maulvi Abul’s full name was Maulvi Abdul Barkat, and his nickname was “Barkat.”

Q.2 What was the name of his head covering, and where did it come from in the first place?
Ans. His turban was known as Mashadi lungi. Its origin can be traced back to the city of Mashad in Iran.

Q.3 What was something that he never left home without?
Ans. He never left home without his walking stick, which resembled a sceptre and was decorated with metal and gold bands throughout its length.

  1. Could you please describe the Maulvi’s physical appearance?
    The eyes of Maulvi Abul appeared to be somewhat swollen. On his head, he wore a turban called a Mashadi lungi that had a light brown colour. He had silver rigs with enormous turquoise stones placed in them, and he wore them on his fingers.
  2. About how much cash did the Maulvi amass throughout each and every Eid?
    Answer: On each occasion of Eid, Maulvi Abul would collect between 150 and 200 rupees from his worshippers.

Q.6 How much money was given out to those who were in need and those who were poor?
Answer: In the presence of the congregation, Maulvi Abul gave between forty and fifty rupees to the villagers who were in need and who were struggling financially.

What was the name of his oldest daughter? (Q.7) What was her middle name?
Ans. His eldest daughter’s name was Mehrunnisa.

Q.8 What was the name of the individual who represented the Maulvi’s neighbourhood on the District Board?
Ans. Chaudhry Fateh Dad was the name of the individual who served as a member of the District Board.

The name of Maulvi Abul’s wife is Q.9. What was her name?
Ans. Zaibunnisa was the name that he gave to his wife.

Write down the names of the other daughters who are mentioned in the narrative in the following question: Q.10
Ans. Their names are Zabda, Shamsunnisa and Umdatunnisa.

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