11th English Thank you ma’am Synonyms and MCQs

11th English Thank you ma’am Synonyms and MCQs.Thank you, ma’am. Synonyms and multiple choice questions (MCQs) from previous years’ FSC Part 1 English exams.

11th English Thank you,Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) on Thank You Ma’am Synonyms are included in this post for Class 11 Students to Practice. This is the fourth lesson in the FA/FSC 1st Year textbook, and it consists of a short story. I have previously provided you with multiple choice questions based on your knowledge of “Thank You, Ma’am.” You can find useful material that can assist you in your education on ilmihub. This quiz on Thank You, Ma’am was taken from the Kips Notes exercise that was given for FSC Part 1. 11th English Thank you,You may locate all of the First Year Short Stories Notes in this location, as well as all of the First Year English Notes, in this location.

11th English Thank you,Please find below the responses to the 28 multiple-choice questions that were asked on the short tale “Thank You, Mam.” The multiple-choice questions each include a list of four alternative responses. You are free to choose either option. First, guess one of the answers to evaluate how well you can do it. After that, you can view the correct response by clicking on the icon that says “Correct Answer.”

Synonyms Thank you ma’am

(1) Her purse was thrown over her shoulder and she carried it in such manner.
(A) hung (B) spilled (C) dumped (D) pressed
(D) tugged
The right response

(2) She grabbed the youngster by the front of his shirt and shook him so hard that he could hear his teeth rattling.
(A) splintered (B) crumbled (C) chattered (D) crushed
The right response

(3) She stooped low enough to make it possible for him to stoop.
(A) larceny (B) bending (C) deception (D) snatching
The right response

(4) The woman reached behind her and grabbed the terrified youngster with both hands.
(A) held (B) caressed (C) touched (D) investigated
The right response

(5) The terrified young boy was dragged along behind the mother as she walked.
A. threw B. beat C. pinched D. pulled A. pulled D. threw
The right response

(6) The young man’s face began to become covered in sweat, and he started to struggle.
(A) Water (B) sweat (C) liquid (D) mixture
The right response

(7) The young man’s face began to be covered in sweat, and he started to fight.
(A) poured out (B) moved (C) made an appearance (D) washed
The right response

(8) When Mrs. Jones saw the youngster approaching, she halted and yanked him around in front of her.
The following actions were taken: (A) picked (B) slapped (C) slammed (D) twitched
The right response

(9) She wrapped her leg around his neck and began dragging him up the street after putting a half nelson around his neck.
a wedlock; b. a leg-lock; c. an arm-lock; d. a foot-lock
The right response

(10) She forcibly took the youngster into a spacious room in the back of the house that was furnished with a kitchenette.
(A) the rear (B) the front (C) the middle (D) the sides
The right response

(11) He might try to make a break for it down the corridor.
(A) hasten (B) remain (C) remain (D) relax This is the correct answer.

(12) The lady was relaxing on a daybed in the room.
(A) pillow (B) bed (C) dining room table (D) convertible sofa
The right response

(13) He then frowned, but he was unaware that he was frowning.
(A) smiled (B) chuckled (C) scowled (D) yawned
The right response

(14) To ensure that you have a presentable appearance, you should comb that comb through your hair.
(A) unique (B) well-kept (C) a gentleman (D) a law enforcement officer
The right response

(15) There was a gas plate and an icebox hidden in another area of the room, but they were hidden behind a screen.
(A) the board (B) the wall (C) the shame (D) the wall
The right response

(16) The lady did not ask the young man any questions that could have made him feel embarrassed.
(A) intrigue (B) request (C) lure (D) disgrace
The right response

(17) Blondes, redheads, and even several women of Spanish descent entered and exited the establishment.
(A) having golden hair (B) having yellow hair (C) having red hair (D) having coloured hair
The right response

(18) Do not make the error of grabbing at my pocketbook in an attempt to gain advantage.
(A) snatching (B) looking (C) following (D) chasing is the correct answer.

(19) Shoes obtained through satanic means will set fire to your feet.
(A) a cruel person (B) thirty (C) a bad person (D) luxurious
The right response

(20) I really hope you can control your behaviour.
(A) reform
(B) ask (C) conceal (D) pacify
The right response

(21) The Strap snapped when it was pulled only once suddenly.
Pull (A), touch (B), kick (C), or snatch (D) the object.
The right response

(22) The young man was disappointed because he did not launch himself forward with full force as he had wanted to do.
(A) attempting to flee; (B) making a powerful hit; (C) stumbling and falling;
(D) expressing regret is the correct answer

(23) The youngster hushed his voice and said, “Lady, I’m sorry.”
A. yelled B. mumbled C. made a request D. grumbled
The right response

(24)He appeared to be no more than fourteen or fifteen years old; he was fragile and willowy.
(A) portly (B) cumbersome (C) chubby (D) frail
The right response

(25) The woman was rude to the child by kicking him in the sitter.
(A) the foot (B) the neck (C) the head (D) the hips
The right response

(26) There was a refrigerator hidden behind the screen.
(A) the fridge (B) the dish (C) the barbecue (D) the window
The right response

(27) The women did not inquire of the youngster on his residence or his family members.
(A) acquaintances (B) relatives (C) educators (D) followers
The right response

(28) A single quick pull was all it took to break the strap.
(A) jerk (B) push (C) pope (D) power
The right response

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