11th English The Foolish Quack MCQs & Synonyms

11th English The Foolish Quack MCQs & Synonyms.The lesson on dumb quacks for the FSC English Synonyms. MCQs organised according to units for the 11th grade English course Important synonyms and multiple choice questions for fsc exams preparation. No answer key is offered. Make an effort to understand things on your own.

Quiz on the Foolish Quack Synonyms in 11th Grade English

One evening, a group of weary travellers decided to stop and rest under the shade of a cluster of trees.
(A) herd (B) shadow (C) wisp (D) cluster
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The camel man wrapped a blanket around the animal’s neck and proceeded to strike the area with as much force as he could muster.
A. touched B. clung C. stroked D. hit A. hit B. clung D. hit
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The neck of the elderly woman had swelled to an alarming degree, preventing her from swallowing.
(A) inconsequential (B) insignificant (C) perplexing (D) dreadful
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The elderly lady cried out, “O my son, if you could just cure my goitre, I would bless you for the rest of eternity!”
(A) boasted (B) screamed (C) sobbed (D) said categorically
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Therefore, they took him captive with the intention of bringing him before the monarch.
A. brought B. persuaded C. threatened D. grabbed A. brought C. threatened
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After being encouraged in this manner, the sad man toiled hard at his task with all of his strength.
(A) chastised (B) insisted upon (C) thrashed (D) struck
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He moved on to the next community and, once there, continued to pass himself off as a skilled physician, oblivious to the gravity of the penalty he had received.
(A) the calamity (B) the humility (C) the ferocity (D) the propensity
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The duck climbed atop his camel and continued on to the following settlement.
A. hit B. rode C. fed D. whipped A. struck B. rode
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“What a very remarkable occurrence this is!”
(A) majestic (B) uncommon (C) sad (D) oppressive
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These beasts are enormous camels that are renowned for their formidable strength.
(A) little (B) massive (C) maximum (D) minimal
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The stalwart beast barely reacted to the blow and simply advanced a few of steps in its direction.
(A) shocked (B) intrigued (C) bewildered (D) unmoved
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He acted as though he was a medical professional.
shammed (A), shambled (B), remained (C), and crushed (D) respectively
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“Oh son, if you could just cure my goitre, I would bless you for the rest of eternity!”
(A) without fail (B) despite everything (C) right this moment (D) right this moment
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How could an elderly woman who was already weak stand the impact of a mallet?
(A) robust (B) rotund (C) delicate (D) robust and plump
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After that, he struck the man himself with the same strike, which brought him crashing to the ground like a log.
A. brought B. flowed C. sank D. pulled A. brought B. flowed D. pulled
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Do you not perceive? responded the man who rode a camel.
(A) evaluate (B) comprehend (C) remain impartial (D) remain unknown
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When the victim regained consciousness, the perplexed bystander asked the perpetrator, “Why are you being so cruel?”
(A) bewildered (B) unconcerned (C) alert (D) terrified
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The citizens of the village referred to the criminal as the quack.
in alphabetical order: (A) knave (B) scholar (C) surgeon (D) patron
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The following is a collection of multiple choice questions taken from the “The Dumb Duck” Chapter 9 Exercise found in the English Textbook for Class 11.

Where did the travellers make their overnight stop?
Where did you spend the night? (A) in an inn (B) in a haveli (C) in the jungle (D) under a clump of trees
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What caused the camel to become ill?
(A) from overheating (B) from having a melon lodged in its throat (C) from infection (D) from ingesting poison
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What did the quack assert to be able to treat?
(A) a headache (B) a goitre (C) an injury (D) a fever
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What had happened to the elderly woman’s throat is a mystery.
(A) contagious (B) injured (C) swollen (D) excruciatingly painful
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After the elderly widow passed away, the people discussed what kind of punishment should be given.
(A) to make restitution for the damages (B) to exhume her body (C) to face retribution (D) to be incarcerated
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When the quack had finished digging the grave, how was he treated?
(A) respected (B) severely punished (C) generously compensated (D) chastised
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What kind of a change did the punishment bring about in the quack?
(A) not influenced, (B) having left the profession, (C) having been influenced, (D) having returned disgusted after having been influenced
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Before administering treatment to an elderly patient, what diagnosis did the quack recommend first?
(A) to place the elderly man on the bed (B) to avoid being forced to dig the grave (C) to avoid being held responsible for the man’s passing (D) to receive the payment before the burial
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Why did the quack decide to go back to working for the camel-men rather than completing his professional career?
(A) to deceive them (B) to investigate the circumstances surrounding the death of an elderly woman (C) to place the blame on them (D) to retrieve his luggage
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Whose foolishness was exposed?
(A) the man with the camel (B) the quack (C) the elderly lady (D) a local resident
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Additional multiple-choice questions from Kips Notes
The following multiple-choice questions (MCQs) pertain to The Foolish Quack Lesson 9 of the First Year English Course and were extracted from Kips Notes.

The man slung his bundle over his back and proceeded to the subsequent community, where he announced that he was a physician.
(A) offered (B) pretended (C) protested (D) bragged
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The poor old thing __ perished as a result of the blow that he delivered to the swelling region of the neck when the woman’s throat was bound and restrained.
(A) gradually (B) tentatively (C) immediately (D) finally
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Because the ground was so rigid and difficult, he was only able to make __ progress.
(A) amazing (B) quick (C) sluggish (D) not at all Show Answer

“If you do not dig it,” they warned, “you shall go before the king, and then you will be .”
(A) looked into (B) put to death (C) tested
(D) hung
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The unhappy man, upon hearing these words of exhortation, toiled away with all of his .
(A) know-how (B) power (C) sluggishness (D) rapidity
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When the locals discovered that he had buried the victim of his inhumane behaviour, they severely thrashed him before letting him go free.
(A) misfortunate (B) hasty (C) foolish (D) nefarious
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The question is how a _ elderly woman was able to withstand the impact of a mallet.
(A) strong (B) painful (C) hunched over (D) frail
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A large stick encircled with iron rings was raised by the camel-man, and he used it to strike a camel.
braided, twisted, tied, along, and along with
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The stalwart monster, which did not appear to be affected by the strike in any way, advanced a couple of paces.
(A) vehemently (B) scantily (C) affectionately (D) inconveniently
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After that, he struck the man himself with a blow of the same nature, which brought him crashing to the ground like a log.
(A) weighed (B) felled (C) bent (D) fell Show Answer

Who was it that went to the first village to seek treatment for their illness?
(A) a young male (B) an elderly male (C) a young female (D) an elderly male
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What ridiculous demands did the quack make of the elderly patient so that he might heal her?
A melon, B a basket and a stick, C a hammer, D a blanket and a mallet are the answers to this riddle.
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The reason why the quack’s digging progress was so slow was because .
A. the quack was feeble B. the quack was elderly C. the quack was unmotivated D. the ground was solid
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Who was it that presented themselves to the quack in the second village in order to receive treatment?
(A) a man riding a camel (B) an elderly man (C) an elderly woman (D) a little boy
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What kind of effects did the camel suffer as a result of the heavy sickness?
A. He was knocked unconscious B. He escaped capture C. He advanced one or two paces D. He was found dead
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In the end, what did the quack come to understand?
(A) his approach (B) his responsibility (C) his deception (D) his understanding
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In the end, what recommendation does the duck make?
(A) to end his own life (B) to travel with the camel herders (C) to practise medicine once again (D) the melon shattered
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What took place when the camel guy smacked the camel in the throat?
(A) the camel passed away (B) the camel fled away (C) the melon was broken (D) the melon came out of the ground
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What did the camel driver use to beat the camel with?
A large stick, B a mallet, C a sword, D an axe are some examples of the following:
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The bumbling duck called the camel men by what name?
(A) medical professionals (B) sages (C) close confidants (D) fools
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