11th English The Gift of Magi MCQs & Synonyms

11th English The Gift of Magi MCQs & Synonyms .The Gift of the Magi vocabulary lesson and questions with multiple choices. Tests from the 11th grade English textbook that include important synonyms and multiple choice questions are organised by chapter.11th English The Gift of magai, All of the synonyms and MCQs are about how to prepare for the MDCAT admissions test.

Important Synonyms The Magi’s Gift

11th English The Gift of magai,Here are some important words that were covered in the English lesson “The Gift of the Magi” for 11th graders.There are a lot of problems with these opposite words. Take your time reading, and then leave a comment below with your answer.

Della would have rinsed her hair in front of whoever was living in the rooms that were adjacent to theirs if there had been a queen living there.
(A) the county (B) the community (C) the lodgings (D) the neighbourhood
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Jim would have checked the time on his watch each time they met if a king had resided in the same house as them and brought all of his wealth with him.
(A) riches (B) attire (C) garments (D) precious stones
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Jim was aware that not even a king could possess anything of of great value.
(A) important (B) colourful (C) attractive (D) precious
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After that, she hastily and nervously repositioned it so that it covered her entire head.
A. joyfully B. anxiously C. furiously D. unexpectedly
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Mrs. Sofronie, who was overweight, overly pale, and had ice in her eyes, glanced at her.
(A) dishonest (B) concerned with monetary gain (C) inhospitable (D) brusque
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Both Jim and the chain were known for their peace and worth.
(A) value (B) serenity (C) allure (D) tranquilly
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When Della got home, her mind started to calm down a little bit.
A. slept B. worked C. remained calm D. became increasingly angry
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The chatter in Della’s head subsided, and she started considering things in a more logical manner.
A. very loudly B. very emphatically C. very respectfully D. very logically
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When joined together, love and generous giving have the potential to leave lasting impressions.
(A) conscientious (B) frugal (C) generous (D) stingy
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“It won’t matter to you, will it?”
(A) fret (B) fare (C) dare (D) gaze (E) consider
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My esteem for you is incomprehensible to anyone else.
(A) compassion (B) love (C) humbling oneself (D) understanding (A)
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White fingers peeled themselves away from the paper.
A. scuffed B. touched C. folded D. unwrapped A. scratched B. touched C. folded
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Both Jim and the chain were known for their peace and worth.
(A) radiance (B) allure (C) straightforwardness (D) economicalness
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When combined, love and generosity of spirit have the potential to leave a lasting impression.
(A) stains (B) impressions (C) blows (D) blobs
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I looked for it in every nook and cranny of the city.
(A) investigated (B) appraised (C) informed (D) reduced expenses
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The Magi were enlightened individuals, and the presents they gave were, without a doubt, sensible ones.
(A) without a doubt (B) insufficiently (C) obscurely (D) reudely
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Jim’s eyes were completely expressionless the entire time.
(A) signal (B) illumination (C) radiance (D) reduction in lightness
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She made an effort to hide the marks of her sadness.
(A) count (B) conceal (C) conceal (D) feel (E) reveal
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It looked like he was having a hard time grasping what had taken place.
(A) performed (B) understood (C) experienced (D) transpired
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You were aware of its immense value despite the fact that it was presented in such a straightforward manner.
(A) without ornamentation (B) with ornamentation (C) with a smooth surface (D) with obviousness
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I searched high and low throughout the entire town for.
(A) looked for; (B) found; (C) acquired; (D) put in place
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The following two hours felt like they went by in a flash.
(A) seemed to be in a rush, and (B) moved on.
(C) passed fast
(D) expired
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The Magi’s Gift Important MCQs

11th English The Gift of magai,In the form of Questions and Answers

  1. Jim’s unusual reaction to the news that Della’s hair was going to be auctioned is due to the fact that A. 1.
    He believes that she has the appearance of one of the chorus girls from Coney Island.

B. He considers her to have the appearance of a slacker student

C. He is annoyed because she did not seek his advice regarding her hairstyle before making the change.

D. He is aware that he has purchased something for her that she will not be able to use!

E. He is humiliated by the fact that he is unable to create a better life for his family.

  1. When the story comes to a close, Jim stores the gift that Della gave him in the attic because A. he does not have any use for it at the moment.

B. Its value prevents it from being utilised on a daily basis.

C. It is garish and distinguishes itself from everything else in the room!

D. It is prone to breakage.

E. None of the preceding options

  1. The narrative makes use of a literary device known as a __, which is a situational twist in the plot that the reader may not anticipate or assume.
    A. Dialogue

The use of metaphor

C. The Irony

D. Exposition

E. Climax

  1. The progression of events in a story, in which one event leads to or is responsible for the occurrence of the next, is referred to as the plot.
    A. Deeds, brave individuals

B. The lack of, the doing

C. The actors and the characters

D. Sequence, events

E. None of the preceding options

  1. Why is Della so distraught when we first meet her at the beginning of the story?
    A. The idea of parting ways with her beautiful hair.

B. The idea that Jim will not be able to afford to purchase her a present of sufficient quality

C. The notion that she would appear vain if she cut her hair short!

D. The possibility that she would not be able to find a present that would be appropriate for her Jim.

  1. For as long as anyone can remember, Della’s hair and Jim’s watch have been a source of:
    A. Pride

B. Nervousness

Anxiety and worry

D. Shame

  1. Can you tell me the overarching moral of this tale?
    A. Unconditional love

B. Sacrifice

C. A Violent Distaste

D. Lust

  1. For what reason do Jim and Della want to give the gifts to the recipient?
    A. Because it was something they desired to do.

B. To incite each other’s feelings of envy.

C. So that they can express their love and gratitude for one another

D. All of the preceding options

  1. How much money did Della have in her savings account?
    A. $1.87

B. $2.87

C. $3

D. None of the preceding options

  1. What did Della want to use the money she had been saving for?
    A. For the fact that you bought her a necklace.

B. For the Christmas present you bought for her.

C. As a present for Jim to open on Christmas

D. None of the preceding options

  1. In the prologue of “The Gift of the Magi,” how much longer is it going to be till Christmas?
    A. One day

B. Two day

C. The third day

D. A week

  1. For twenty dollars, Della purchases a gift for Jim that is an absolute perfect match. The design was uncomplicated and unpretentious.
    A. A watch chain made of platinum

Ring made of gold

C. Silver ring

None of the above

  1. How much did it cost per week for Della and Jim to rent the room where they live?
    A. $8

B. $9

C. $10

D. $11

  1. Do you happen to know how much Mrs. Sophie paid Della for her hair?
    A. $20

B. $30

C. $40

D. $50

  1. When Jim and Della discover the full scope of what they have done, their first reaction is to attempt to make the best of the situation.
    A. Much

B. The Most

C. Most

D. None of the preceding options

Summary of The Magi’s Gift

11th English The Gift,The author O. Henry’s short story “The Gift of the Magi” was published for the very first time in the year 1905. The plot of the novel centres on a young husband and wife who are attempting to purchase covert Christmas gifts for one another but do not have a lot of money.

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