11th English The Use of Force Short Questions MCQs & Synonyms

11th English The Use of Force Short Questions MCQs & Synonyms.Additionally, you are able to get notes and pdf files here in order to solve mcqs for the MDCAT English Exam.11th English The Use of Force, Please visit the main page if you would want additional information on how to prepare for the FSCT and MDCAT tests,11th English The Use of Force.

Solved MCQs from Exercise

  1. Who exactly is the “I” in this narrative?
    A is for the father B is for the mother C is for the physician D is for the sick child
  2. The parents’ concerns stemmed from the fact that .
    (A) they were adamant about avoiding disclosing any information to the physician.
    (B) they were speechless and had no idea what to say.
    (C) they desired for the doctor to reveal all information to them.
    (D) the youngster did not reveal any information.
  3. The doctor was quite _ by what he saw.
    (A) as a result of the child’s stunning good looks.
    (B) because of the child’s capacity for self-control.
    (C) thanks to the calm composure of the parents.
    (D) by the picture of the youngster that he had seen in the newspaper on the previous Sunday.
  4. The term “trial shot of it” refers to the action that the physician performed.
    (A) He started off by making a completely irrational assumption.
    (B) he offered her a drink of whiskey (injection).
    (C) He enlisted the help of his parents in the effort.
    (D) He conducted a thorough examination of the young lady.
  5. The physician was concerned that the child may be suffering from a case of diphtheria.
    (A) based on the physical characteristics of the child.
    (B) his parents had explained it to him.
    (C) according to the results of the examination of the youngster.
    (D) He made the assumption since similar incidents had occurred at the nearby school.
  6. The reason why the child did not respond to the directions given by the doctor is that .
    (A) she had a strong irrational fear of the physician.
    (B) she remained defiant even as a little child.
    (C) her mother and father had made an effort to get her to open her mouth.
    (D) she was fuming with rage.
  7. The doctor was so enraged that he ground his teeth because .
    (A) the child did not reply to the question.
    (B) the girl’s mother explained to her.
    (C) the parents did not permit him to interact with the child in any way.
    (D) the toddler was responsible for breaking his spectacles.
  8. The physician had nearly succeeded in opening the girl’s mouth but was unable to see anything because .
    Both (A) the child put up a significant fight and (B) the parental love ultimately persuaded the father to give in and let her go.
    The infant was harmed as a result of the aggressive handling, and the mother intervened to prevent further injury.

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11th English The Use of Force,Multiple Choice Questions from Kips Notes for FSC Book 1 English Part 1 Chapter 7 on the Use of Force in the FSC Exam
For the convenience of the students in Class 11, we have provided some more “The Use of Force Solved MCQs.” These multiple-choice questions are a part of Kips Notes.

  1. Describe the appearance of the woman who was the sick girl’s mother.
    (A) ecstatic (B) satisfied (C) untense (D) shocked
  2. The parents decided to keep the sick girl in the kitchen because they felt it would be more comfortable for her there.
    (A) chilly (B) arm (C) soggy (D) pleasantly cool
  3. Could you describe the appearance of the sick girl’s eyes?
    A) ferocious B) bright and quizzical C) penetrating D) cold and steady A) piercing B) bright and quizzical C) piercing D)
  4. What was the sick girl’s respiratory rate like?
    (A) in a hushed manner (B) quickly (C) angrily (D) gradually
  5. Could you tell me what kind of hair the sick girl had?
    (A) strawberry blonde (B) cherry red (C) jet black (D) snow-white
  6. The sick girl had been ailing for how many days at this point?
    The correct answers are: (A) two (B) four (C) three (D) five
  7. What did the doctor consider the results of the test injection to be?
    (A) influenza (B) fever (C) both (C) diphtheria (D) malaria
  8. What kind of contagious illness was sweeping through the school where the sick girl attended classes?
    (A) influenza (B) fever (C) diphtheria (D) malaria (E) other infectious diseases
  9. The parents of the sick child were watching the doctor very carefully as he walked up and down the hallway.
    (A) with envy (B) with optimism (C) with mistrust (D) with anticipation
  10. The ailing girl was approached by the doctor, who .
    A) quite loudly; B) not very loudly; C) very quietly and slowly; D) very brutally and unpleasantly
  11. What were the parents thinking when their daughter sent the doctor’s glasses flying across the room?
    (A) anxious (B) incensed (C) ashamed (D) dumbfounded
  12. The sick girl was wailing in a high pitched voice.
    Awkwardly B. hysterically C. quietly D. strangely A. strangely B. awkwardly C. quietly D. strangely
  13. How many youngsters had already been diagnosed with diphtheria by the time the doctor saw them?
    The correct answers are: (A) two (B) three (C) four (D) five
  14. What was the conclusive diagnosis that the doctor made regarding the ill girl?
    A diphtheria infection, B typhoid, C malaria, and D fever
  15. The sick youngster had the most amazing afro hair I’ve ever seen, and it was in plenty.
    (A) blonde (B) dark (C) surly (D) silky
  16. in the _ attack of the battle. I was able to gain control of the child’s neck and mouth.
    (A) ferocious; (B) professional; (C) reactive; (D) irrational
  17. Despite the fact that she had been on the _ before, she now attacked.
    (A) in error (B) on the defensive (C) offering an apology (D) acting hysterically
  18. She made an attempt to launch herself off of her father’s lap and come crashing down on me while tears of defeat poured out of her eyes.
    (A) abrasions (B) exposure (C) drowning (D) loss of vision
  19. I am familiar with the process of exposing a neck for the purpose of.
    A: the observation B: the inspection C: the treatment D: the exception
  20. Despite the fact that the kitchen was a bit __, the parents decided to keep the ill child in there.
    (A) pleasant (B) clammy (C) breezy (D) open and breez

Synonyms for the Use of Force:

  1. The mother, who appeared to be in a state of shock, was there to greet me when I arrived.
    (A) dismayed (B) mangled (C) humiliated (D) ashamed
  2. He made an effort to stand up, but I gestured for him not to bother doing so.
    (A) made a motion (B) requested (C) approached (D) compelled
  3. Her face was red, and her breathing was becoming increasingly fast.
    (A) crimson; (B) white; (C) brilliant; (D) light;
  4. “Aw, come on,” I urged him to continue.
    (A) tried to convince (B) chastised (C) pondered (D) approached
  5. With a single, feline-like motion, both of her hands reflexively clawed their way for my eyes.
    A. in a numbing manner B. in a violent manner C. in a miraculous manner D. impulsively
  6. The humiliation and apology that the parents felt nearly caused them to turn themselves inside out.
    A) disdain B) bewilderment C) embarrassment D) suppression A) contempt B) incredulity
  7. The mother gave her daughter a stern reprimand and told her, “If you don’t do what the doctor advises, you’ll have to go to the hospital.”
    (A) criticised (B) stoked (C) persuaded
    (D) fondled
  8. After that, she let forth a scary and panicked scream.
    A) broadly B) numbly C) instinctively D) impulsively A) broadly B) numbly
  9. She struggled, fighting with her teeth clenched.
    (A) watched (B) brushed (C) grasped (D) doused in water
  10. Looking back, I probably should have given up and returned after at least an hour had passed.
    A. insisted, B. consented, C. gave up the fight
    (D) carried on with the process
  11. I was so enraged that I could have torn the youngster to pieces and gotten pleasure from it.
    (A) astonishment (B) an apology (C) humiliation (D) rage
  12. I made her gag by forcing the hefty silver spoon between her teeth and down her throat till she lost her breath.
    (A) gave up (B) became exasperated (C) experienced feelings of despair (D) felt nauseous
  13. Despite her best efforts, she was unable to prevent me from discovering her secret.
    A. valiantly B. fiercely C. diabolically D. eccentrically
  14. She has been concealing the fact that she has a sore throat for at least three days now.
    (A) painful, (B) weak, (C) clenched, (D) hoarse
  15. It was clear to me that they were all quite anxious, and they were examining my every move with suspicion.
    (A) immediately (B) briskly (C) uncertainly (D) slowly
  16. The little girl’s ice-blue eyes were drawing me in more and more as time went on.
    (A) making faces at me (B) questioning about me (C) looking at me (D) frightened me
  17. “For heaven’s sake,” I burst in. “Don’t refer to me to her as a decent man,” I begged.
    (A) cried
    (B) interrupted
    (C) shuddered
    (D) mused
  18. As is common practise among medical professionals, I decided to give it a test run as a starting point.
    (A) evaluation (B) making a choice (C) hazarding a guess (D) resorting to physical intimidation
  19. I gritted my teeth in disdain at what I had just heard.
    (A) outrage (B) disturbance
    (C) haste (D) distrust
  20. Before I could get it out of my hand again, she broke it up into pieces.
    A spatula, B bits, C inches, and D tools are the correct answers.
  21. She was shrieking in an uncontrollable and frenzied manner.
    (A) crying (B) laughs (C) expressions (D) jerks
  22. In the final act of irrational aggression, I succeeded in breaking the child’s neck.
    (A) the defence (B) the assault (C) the rage (D) the attempt
  23. The ultimate attack for no good cause I was able to gain control of the child’s neck.
    (A) held (B) charged (C) titled (D) compressed

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