2nd Year Biology Solved Exercises

2nd Year Biology Solved Exercises.Notes for all of the 2nd year Biology chapters 2nd year Biology test broken down by chapters pdf.

Exercises for the Second Year of Biology, Solved


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Question 2: Please fill in the blank.

The precursor of ornithine is required for the process of ammonia detoxification, which leads to osmoregulation. Nephrons in the kidney are intimately related with the network of (urea).

Nephrons are characterised by their arrangement along the boundary between the cortex and the medulla. These nephrons have a tubular (collecting tubules) system that loops deeply inside the inner medulla (jurtamedullary).

Short-answer questions

(0) Make a distinction between osmoregulators and osmoconformers.




The internal environment of an animal is maintained at an isotonic equilibrium with that of the animal whose bodily fluid is being studied, even for those concentrations that are significantly different from those of the surrounding marine saltwater environment.

Osmoconformers are animals that are able to adjust their internal osmotic state without having to actively discharge excess water in hypotonic environments. Since these external environments actively regulate the animals, they do not need to actively discharge excess water in hypertonic environments. Conditions are referred to as osmoregulators because of this reason.

Why does filtration only occur in the glomerull region of the nephron, and not anywhere else?

The walls of the capillaries are permeable, hence the answer is yes. This allows for the stuff that is found in the blood to easily move through these pores. Glomeruli. On the other hand, no such holes are present in any of the nephron’s other capillaries, which means that filtration cannot take place in those capillaries.

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