A Mild Attack of Locusts Synonyms 11th english

A Mild Attack of Locusts Synonyms 11th english .11th grade English vocabulary and a few questions about the course A Slight Invasion Carried Out by Locusts The primary purpose of these antonyms is for training purposes. There is not a single answer key provided for these various synonyms. The English evaluation process at any and all Fsc intermediate institutes and academies can be conducted using these tests.

A Mild Attack of Locusts Synonyms:

The clanging of the gong could be heard all around the property.
(a) song
(b) music
(c) silence
(d) uproar

  1. The grass and wood had been stacked in piles previously.
    (a) the various limbs
    (b) remains
    (c) departs
    (d) piles up
  2. The farmers were adding more smoky flavour to the fire by tossing damp leaves on it.
    (a) bitter
    (b) blazing
    (c) beautiful
    (d) sweet
    4 The darkness seemed to be comparable to the blackness that follows a veldt fire.
    (a) grassland
    (b) blazing
    (c) being on fire
    (d) dim
  3. The intensity of the sunshine combined with the weight of the storm made it difficult to breathe.
    (a) unspoiled
    (a) stuffy
    (c) beautiful
    (d) luminosity
  4. It seemed as though every tree was strange.
    (a) odd
    (b) beautiful
    (c) enormous
    (d) standing erect
  5. A newly arrived swarm of locusts completely obscured the sun in its entirety.
    (a) retreat
    (b) scent
    (c) dosage
    (d) attack
  6. A break occurred in the branch of a tree.
    (a) increased in height
    (b) swayed
    (c) shot
    (d) broke
  7. The countryside was ravaged and disfigured beyond recognition.
    (a) tilled the land
    (b) planted
    (c) constructed
    (d) deformed

Short Question Related Lesson:

1.What was the one thing that every single farmer wanted?

  1. What were the trees’ physical characteristics?
  2. What were the farmers doing to the fires to make them so acrid and black?
  3. Did Margaret have any idea what she could do to prevent the locusts from coming back?
  4. The stray locust that the elderly Stephen found in his pocket, what did he do with it?

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