Abu Dhabi Toll Gate Registration Guide

Abu Dhabi Toll Gate Registration Guide. According to the information provided on the page for Abu Dhabi toll registration. The initial registration price for using Abu Dhabi’s toll gates will be 100 AED. Your account will be updated with an additional fifty AED. You do not need to purchase a DARB sticker in order to operate a motor vehicle in Abu Dhabi. Your expenses will be deducted from your account using the licence plate number of the vehicle you drive.

On the toll registration fee in Abu Dhabi that you require.

Function & Background Of Salik Or Toll Gate In UAE:

Using radio frequency identification (RFID), the Salik electronic toll road system in Dubai. Identification, takes an amount of money out of the windshield of the vehicle automatically.

How Toll Gates Charge:

  • NOTICE Saturday through Thursday are the busiest days of the week. On official holidays, there is no such thing as a peak hour.


Abu Dhabi Toll Gate Registration Guide. Members of the armed forces and civil defence, senior citizens of the United Arab Emirates. Strong people, retirees, family members of martyrs, licenced taxi drivers, school buses.

Where exactly are Abu Dhabi’s toll gates located?

The Al Maqtah Bridge, the Musaffah Bridge, the Sheik Zayed Bridge. And the Sheik Khalifa Bin Zayed Bridge are all examples of city bridges that offer free entryways.


There is a toll booth at each of Abu Dhabi’s four different entrances and exits. There is no way to avoid paying the required tolls.

Fines for Tolls Gets:

If you go through a toll gate without registering. To a fee of 100 AED on the first day. On each of the days that followed. maximum 10,000 AED.

How can I sign up for Abu Dhabi’s toll gates?

With the government by creating an account and paying Dhs 100 into it.

  • The next thing you need to do is select “Register Vehicle” from the menu on your dashboard.
  • In the third stage, fill in the gaps with the specifics of the vehicle.
  • The fourth step is to select the mode of payment that you like (credit card or Amwal Wallet).
  • STEP 5: After choosing your wallet, proceed to the next step and click “Pay.”

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