Admission Hyderabad Institute of Medical and Allied Sciences 2022

Admission Hyderabad Institute of Medical and Allied Sciences 2022. Considering the fact that this is one of the most well-known and well-respected colleges in the country, there is a large number of students that wish to attend there and earn more and more marks simply by studying and being admitted. This is acknowledged by the Higher Education Commission. As a result, this college has emerged as a popular choice among students who wish to enrol for the following academic year, which begins in 2022. They showed up after learning about the admissions open date and time from a trusted source. As soon as this college announced the date and time of its admissions open period, a large number of students flocked to this campus in pursuit of admission for the next school year in 2022.

Criteria for Eligibility:

  • Admission Requirements Doctor for Physical Therapy Programs
  • Foreign qualifications must be equivalent to the IBCC equivalent (A-Levels or AKU-EB system) with a minimum of 60 percent marks in the F.Sc (Pre-Medical).
  • Entry test is necessary.
  • The results of the NTS Entry Test will be admissible

Criteria for Selection:

  • Matriculation (SSC) accounts for 10% of the total.
  • Intermediate (F.Sc) accounts for 40%.
  • 40 percent of the population took the entry test
  • 10 percent of the population will be interviewed a total of one hundred percent
  • NOTE: Subjects for the entry test will be drawn from the following: English accounts for 20% of the total. 10 percent of the grade is based on general knowledge. 25 percent of the grade is in biology. Chemistry accounts for 25% of the total. Physics accounts for 20% of the grade.

Allocation of Seats:

Merit (Category —A)40
Self Finance (Category-B)07
Overseas (Category — C)30
Overseas (Category — C)30
Total :50

Fees Structures and Charges:

Fee ItemsCategory A ( Regular) PKRCategory B (Self Finance) PKRCategory C (Overseas) USD$
Admission Fee (Non-refundable)Rs. 30,000/-Rs. 40,000/-$ 500/-
Security Deposit (Refundable)Rs. 25,000/-Rs. 25,000/-$ 300/-
Tuition Fee/Semester (Non-refundable)Rs. 130,000/-Rs. 150,000/-$ 1,400/-
Library (Per Year)Rs. 2,500/-Rs. 2,500/-$ 50/-
Total GrossRs 187500/-Rs. 217,500/-S2250/-
Annual FeesRs 317,500/-Rs. 367,500/-$3650/
Fee Structure

Note: In accordance with government directives, a 5% advance tax will be levied on top of the total fees (The tax will be applicable on the amount of Two lacs and above fees). Any additional taxes levied by the government will be the responsibility of the students, their parents, and guardians. Each student will be charged a 5.5 percent package of entry fees, with the exception of the security deposit, which is not refundable.

How can get the form

Please visit our website.
To access the admission form portal, click here.
After clicking the yes option, you will be taken to the form, which you may then begin downloading.
It is possible to apply for and get accepted into this institute with the use of this application form.
Admission to the doctor of physiotherapy programme is only available through one department at this institution..
A variety of students apply for admission to this institute, but they are denied entrance since admission is granted solely on the basis of merit and the achievement of high academic standards.

Procedure for Scholarship:

Students who achieve high academic standing in intermediate school and later excel in college are eligible to apply for scholarships. The government may pay for a student’s education in cash, in part or in full, after they have been admitted into a school. The government may also cover a portion of their fees or pay for their entire education.
As a result of this affiliation, students are aware that this is not a game one institution, but rather an affiliated college with the LUMHS Jamshoro. This is one of the reasons why so many kids are interested in attending this school. On our website, you can get admission forms as well as information on the time and date of the admission process. The location of this university is also listed on this page, and you can see it if you scroll down a little.
Tilak Inclination, which is a well-known avenue in Hyderabad with a variety of things to do, lies directly across the street from the institute.

For more please visit official website::

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