Admission In University Of Home Economics Lahore 2022

University Of Home Economics Lahore

Admission In University Of Home Economics Lahore 2022. This University admissions has made a new announcement saying that students from all over Pakistan will be able to apply. We think that admissions will start after the results of the intermediate part two final exams are made public. Make sure you’re not doing anything wrong that could lead to your admission being taken away. After our long talk about general things, let’s move on to our real article and start reading the useful parts of it.

Who Will Be Submitting An Application For Admission?

Candidates who have already taken and passed the intermediate part two exams can now apply for college. To be considered for admission, you need to get an application form and turn it in by the deadline. When your admissions application is being looked over, a few rules will be looked at. These rules will be pointed out, so make sure to read them carefully.

Format that is precise (Uppercase or lowercase depending on preference)
Information that is correct
Email that is accurate

Documents in their original form

Candidates will be required to submit their original documents, which they will receive back once their admission has been confirmed. Despite the fact that your admission will be cancelled if any part of your documents is missing, you will be held responsible for any missing original documents .

List of Require Documents:

Card with the results of secondary school (Optional)
Intermediate class result card Applicant CNIC Applicant B-Form Applicant’s provider Intermediate class result card Certificate of Quranic Hafiz (optional) from the CNIC.

People will be expected to follow all of the institute’s rules and regulations, or their admission will be taken away completely. Even though the rules are not very strict, you still have to follow what the administration of your school tells you to do.

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