Admissions in National College of Arts NCA Lahore 2022

Admissions in National College of Arts NCA Lahore 2022. Do you want to be accepted into National College of Arts? The National College of Arts will only be accepting applications for a short time, which is great news for you! In the near future, people who want to be considered for admission will be able to apply online from this page. We will talk about the requirements for applying to this institute’s admissions programme so that no one has any trouble with the process. If you’ve made it to this page, why aren’t you giving this article two minutes of your time? There is a chance that the news you were hoping for will come true. Let’s get to the meat of this article, which is the part that gives information.

Process of Submitting An Application For Admission:

For admission, candidates will be asked to fill out an online application.
After filling out the application form, candidates will be able to send it in as a bank draught.
Don’t forget to get an entry test roll number slip and, if you can, show up in person for that entry test.
Also, don’t forget to get a copy of the bank stamp that you can print out.
If you make a mistake on the application form, you can either reapply (if there are still spots available) or go to the admissions office to fix it.

Admission Requirements:

Most courses will have the same requirements for students who want to take them. Those who have earned a second division, or at least 45 percent in their previous classes, are eligible to apply for admission. After that, all candidates will have the same chance to get in, and admissions will be based only on merit. If you made a mistake when you filled out your application, you need to fix it before the merit list comes out. If you don’t, your admission will be taken away.


No matter what, candidates with a grade point average of less than 45% are not allowed to apply for admission.
Those who are accepted into the programme will have to keep a certain grade point average (CGPA), or they will be kicked out.
Follow the rules and guidelines set by the administration of the institute.


Women and men of any age who show great potential in the visual arts and have reached a good level in their general education before applying to the college are given the same amount of attention. People with physical disabilities are not turned away from the College because of their disability.

The College holds tests for admission in all of Pakistan’s provinces, and anyone can apply. To be considered for admission to the Department of Fine Arts and the Faculty of Design, candidates must do well on the drawing and aptitude tests. If you want to apply to the Department of Architecture, you have to pass a math test, as well as drawing and aptitude tests, and meet other requirements. Before being considered, people who want to apply to the Departments of Musicology, Cultural Studies, and Film and Television will have to take tests that are specific to those departments. Applicants can only take the admission exams if they have passed or are waiting for the results of the Higher Secondary/Intermediate Examination or its equivalent from a recognised institution with at least a second division (45 percent Marks). Students who come in third place are not allowed to take part.

In some cases, people may only be able to get in once a year. If a candidate does not meet all of the requirements, he or she will not be allowed to join. On the other hand, nominees from foreign countries and other government organisations may be accepted as long as they take part in seminars, special problem-solving sessions, and research projects to finish the required courses.

A person who wants to get into the degree programme must have 12 years of schooling, including an F.A./F.Sc./A-Level or a similar qualification with at least 45% marks. The student will also have to pass an interview and an aptitude test from the NCA in order to keep going.

At the time of the first enrollment, the candidate must show an official certificate from an authorised District Government Hospital that says he or she does not have any communicable disease or mental or physical disability that would stop him or her from studying in the chosen field.


All applicants must fill out the College’s Admission Application Form, which they can get for a fee or find advertised elsewhere. If you are applying from a remote location, you must include an extra fee for registered book postage and send your payment to the National College of Arts in Lahore, Pakistan, by money order or postal order. International students will be able to get the prospectus by airmail if they send in the right number of international reply coupons. The administrative office of the College will accept applications from people who live in the Punjab. Those who live in other provinces of the country should send their applications to their province’s Director of Technical Education. Candidates from Northern Areas who want to get into the College should send their applications to the Secretary Nomination Board/Director Education (Colleges) Gilgit Baltistan, Directorate of Education, Gilgit Baltistan, so that they can be sent to the College. Candidates from Azad Jammu and Kashmir should send their applications to the College through the Secretary Nomination Board/Director of Technical Education, Muzaffrabad.

All international students must fill out the right forms and send them to the College (which can be obtained from the College). Candidates must send in their applications in plenty of time to make sure that the College gets them by the deadline for consideration of admission. With the Application for Admission, you must send in the following: photocopies of the following documents that have been certified:

  1. You need a secondary school certificate (SSC) or a certificate that is the same as an SSC.
  2. Completion of high school or intermediate school, or its equivalent, or its equivalent
  3. A certificate that says how many points were earned.
    Fourth, any paperwork to back up any extra qualifications (If any)
  4. Your passport’s pages 1 through 5 that say you live there (International Students only)
  5. Government-issued identification card
  6. Five recent pictures the size of a passport that have been signed and stamped.
    If needed, a bank draught will be given.
  7. A statement of how much money the father or guardian makes

Before registering for or enrolling in the Foundation semester, candidates who are accepted will have to show the extra paperwork that is asked for.


All international students who want to attend the College must fill out and send in the required application forms, which can be found on the College/NCA website. Candidates must send in their applications early enough to make sure that the College gets them by the deadline for admissions consideration.


Students who want to take the Foundation Semester must sign up at the start of the school year. Your enrollment in college could be cancelled if you don’t finish the registration process on time. This includes paying the tuition price and other fees. All students get a student ID card and a locker when they sign up. Both of these things can be used anywhere in the College. Students who want to take the Foundation Semester must sign up at the start of the school year. Your enrollment in college could be cancelled if you don’t finish the registration process on time. This includes paying the tuition price and other fees. All students get a student ID card and a locker when they sign up. Both of these things can be used anywhere in the College.


Unless otherwise stated, fees and other payments are not refundable, even if a student drops out of college or is taken off the rolls. Even if a student isn’t at college, they still have to pay their bills. Fees will be charged every semester based on the financial year in which the student is enrolled at college.


Every student at the College gets a card that shows who they are. Students get their ID cards from the College office after they pay for them and sign up for the first semester. At the beginning of each new school year, students must get new ID cards. If someone loses their ID card, they can get a replacement by paying extra fees. When a student leaves the College, he or she must return his or her ID card to the College administration. If they don’t, any refundable deposits will be lost.


As long as there are enough funds, the Principal can give full and half tuition fee waivers for compassionate reasons to up to 10% of the regular students at the College. Government rules say that students whose siblings pay full tuition as regular students at any government school can get a half-fee waiver. Scholarships are announced at the start of each school year, and students are asked to fill out applications so that they can be considered for the scholarships that are given.

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