All Punjab Boards 12th Math Pairing Scheme

All Punjab Boards 12th Math Pairing Scheme.Students enrolled in the F.Sc Pre-Engineering or non-medical programmes should familiarise themselves with the 12th Math Pairing Scheme. It is necessary for you to comprehend the paper pattern plan 2022. We owe it to you, dear pupils, to make an effort to comprehend the 12 Math pairing system 2022. We give the paper pattern schematic in the most straightforward manner possible. Because of this, the kids should not have any trouble comprehending it. in order for students to get a more profound comprehension of each and every subject that is addressed in the curriculum. In the event that the students look at the partnering system for the second year before the tests. They are able to get an understanding of the different kinds of problems that are on the exam as well as the mathematics curriculum.

We submit this plan in accordance with the requirements of all Punjab boards and the PCTB (Punjab Curriculum and Textbook Board). Please find below a list of boards in which we debate the Math pairing strategy for the 12th grade. This is the most effective method for acquiring information on the paper pattern.

Gujranwala Board Lahore Board Lahore Board
Faisalabad Board Multan Board
Board of D.G.Khan ,Board of Sargodha Sahiwal Rawalpindi.

Math Pairing Scheme for the Second Year Administered by the Punjab Board of Secondary Education in 2022:

Exams are often regarded as a defining point in students’ academic careers. In order for them to have a successful performance in them, they need to finish all of their preparation and get the best possible score. Students were given access to the math pairing programme for the second year 2022 so that it may better aid them in their examinations. It is complete and includes all of the information that is required for the paper design.

Candidates are strongly advised to take into account the paper structure for the 12th class yearly examinations that will be held in 2022 in order to adequately prepare for those tests. Aside from the topic of maths. Students may also receive the paper strategies for other classes, such as the paper strategy for the 12th grade physics exam, the paper strategy for the 12th grade biology exam, and the paper strategy for the 12th grade chemistry exam, amongst others. On the website “,” you may get more details regarding the math partnering strategy for the second year (2022).

Scheme 2022 for Paper Distribution Marks:

From the 12th Math pairing scheme 2022, the students will have an understanding of the paper distribution as well as the marks assigned to each part.

Marks for MCQs are 20 for short questions and 50 for long questions.
100 marks total

The Pairing Strategy for the 12th Math Paper in 2022:

MCQs for the 12th Grade Math Pairing Scheme (worth 17 points):

Chapter No.MCQ’sChapter No.MCQ’s

Questions of a Brief Nature (Worth 50 Marks):

Q.2 Attempt 8 out of 12(Marks 16)Q.3 Attempt 8 out of 12(Marks 16)Q.4 Attempt 9 out of 13(Marks 18)
Chapter    No of QuestionChapter    No. of  QuestionChapter#   No. of Question
1                          33                      104                       4
2                          95                       26                       4
  7                       5

Questions of a Longer Duration (Worth 30 Marks):

Q.No.5(5+5 Marks)               Chap-1            Chap-2
 (A)          (B)
Q.No.7(5+5 Marks)Ex.3.6 -3.8               Chap- 5
(A)                          (B)
Q.No.6(5+5 Marks)Ex.3.1 -3.5     Ex.4.1-4.3
(A)                 (B)
Q.No.8(5+5 Marks)Ex.4.4 – 4.5             Ex.6.1-6.3       
(A)                   (B)
 (A)                (B)  

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