ARID AGRICULTURAL UNIVERSITY ADMISSION 2022. Pir Mahal Ali Shah Arid University is one of Pakistan’s most reliable and competitive schools. It is on Muree Road in Rawalpindi. It is one of Pakistan’s most difficult universities to get into. It is a semi-government school, and because it is a semi-government school, the fees are way too high. This is a university with a lot of talk. The admissions session for the year 2022 has started, and you can find the admissions form and portal on There, you can find a lot of information about the entrance date, test, and available seats at this university.

Criteria for eligibility:

The percentage of students who meet the university’s eligibility requirements is approximately 45 percent.
Students should download an application for admission from our website.
The prospectus’s fees should be paid by the students themselves.
The students should submit an application for the entrance examination.
The paperwork should be attached by the pupils.

Admission Requirements:

Photographs in passport sizes
City CNIC address for the students’ primary residence
Certificate of graduation from high school
A copy of the FSC Hope certificate Challan form has been attached to this email.
I’ve attached the necessary documentation.

University Departments:

Agriculture is a specialty.
Bachelor of Science in Agriculture Engineering, Bachelor of Science in Anthropology, Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Bachelor of Science in Education, Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, Bachelor of Science in Forestry, Bachelor of Science in Human Science and Technology

In the department, there are a lot of seats available. Because there are only a certain number of seats in some departments, students must get high grades and do well on the entrance exam to be considered for admission. Students should get into this university if they pass the entrance exam and are chosen based on their skills. Because it is a semi-government institution, the fees at this university are less than those at private universities. On our website, you can find the admission form and information about how to apply. You can also check the admission form and the time and date of the entrance test right from our website. This university admissions session also has two parts: one in the morning for students with good grades and the ability to beat the merit, and another in the evening for students who can pay more to get into the school.

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