Bio 11th Scheme All Punjab Boards 2022

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All Punjab Boards Biology 1st Year Scheme All Punjab Boards’ FSC Part 1 of the 1st Year Biology Scheme is accessible here. This post will teach you all you need to know about the new first-year biology scheme that will be introduced across all Punjab boards in the next year if you wish to take the FSC Part 1 examinations in 2022. This section contains information about the subjects and grades you may anticipate on your tests, as well as how they will appear on each board’s scheme of work, to help you study successfully and pass with flying colors! We’ll also give you some pointers on how to make your study sessions as fruitful as possible.

2022 Biology 1st Year Scheme:

When you’re looking over your test boards, it might be challenging to keep track of everything. This is particularly true in subjects such as biology and chemistry. You may not be aware, however, that each year, new biology curricula are released, each focusing on a different area of the topic. So, how do you figure out which biology scheme to study and which to avoid? In summary, before your next tests, make sure you’re familiar with at least two alternative versions of the content. As a consequence, even if one of them is removed or moved slightly, you’ll have ample time to figure out how to effectively adjust to the new scenario. And don’t worry about it! Most educational institutions will educate you for both circumstances and make it clear which one is expected of their pupils.

  • Sub-Biology
  • In all, 85 points were earned
  • There are 17 multiple-choice questions in this section
  • The deadline for submitting papers is 2:40 p.m

2022 Biology 11th Study Plan:

Everything looks to be rather simple when you’re a high school student. When it comes to studying, for example, all you have to do is stick to a study plan and do your work on time. After you graduate from high school, the issue becomes even more confusing. Unlike in high school, you now have classes that last the full week of the term, rather than just one or two periods every day as they did back then. Because there are no bells to notify you when class starts or ends in college, students must physically learn how to manage their own time and prioritize their tasks.

The Objective’s Distribution:

Chapter NoMCQ,sChapter NoMCQ,s
The Objective’s Distribution

Short Question Distribution:

UnitNo QuestionUnitNo QuestionUnitNo Question
Short Question Distribution

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