Biology 10th Class Chapter Wise Tests PDF Download

Biology 10th Class Chapter Wise Tests PDF Download. 10th Biology chapter-by-chapter and topic-by-topic exams in pdf format. Preparation for the Matriculation yearly exams and practise tests for Matriculation students. To make things easier for the students, all of the papers are written in both English and Urdu.

Preparing for Biology 10th Class:

10th Biology chapter-by-chapter tests:

  • Tests in English medium
  • Tests in Urdu Medium
  • Tests on certain topics
  • Short but important questions
  • Long and important questions
  • Syllabus that is current
  • Syllabus that is current
  • MCQs from previous exams
  • All Punjab Boards have the same syllabus and format

10th Biology Exams are available for download

Biology 10th Tests Chapter List:

Gaseous Exchange (Chapter 10)
Homeostasis (Chapter 11)
Coordination and Control (Chapter 12)
Support and Movement (Chapter 13)
14th Chapter: Reproduction
Inheritance (Chapter 15)
Man and His Environment (Chapter 16)
Pharmacology (Chapter 18)

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