Biology 11th Unit 2 MCQs Short and Long With New Smart Syllabus

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11th Biology Unit 2 Biological Molecules Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs), both short and lengthy. All MCQs, whether short and long, are based on ALP (accelerated learning program). Now available in pdf format.

ALP Syllabus for 11th Biology Unit 2:

Take a peek at the alp smart syllabus for Unit 2 Biological Molecules in 1st year Biology.

Biochemistry is covered in this course. Water’s Importance, Carbohydrates’ Importance (excluding the subtopic)

“”monosaccharides,” “oligosaccharides,” and “polysaccharides”) are all terms for sugar molecules.

Lipids are a kind of lipid (excluding the subtopics “acylglycerols”, “waxes”, “phospholipids”, “terpenoids”), Proteins, proteins with a structure (With the exception of the subtopics) nucleic acids

“DNA” and “RNA”) are two terms used interchangeably (Pg. 17-31)

Formative assessments:

1. Biochemical identification from biological materials.

2.starch test with lodine

3.Benedict’s sugar-reduction test

4. Protein Millon’s test/Biuret test for proteins

5. Sudan III fats and oils test, as well as an emulsion test


Sample Multiple-Choice Questions:

Here are some examples of multiple-choice questions from Chapter 2 of 11th Biology.

Additional MCQs in Biology:

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