Biology 12th Class Past Paper Download Pdf

Biology 12th Class Past Paper Download Pdf.In the second year of Biology at FSC, past papers and answer keys may be found here.

Previous Exams in Biology for the Second Year:

Previous years’ Biology examinations for the 12th class include the following: Board of Education for Junior Colleges and Senior Colleges

Previous Exams from the Second Year of Biology
Previous papers of biology FSC part 2 for the 2019 Lahore board examinations Previous papers of biology FSC part 2 for the 2019 Lahore board examinations 2018 Lahore Board Exam Board Papers for the Second Year of Biology Rawalpindi Board 2019 Previous Year’s Answer Keys for Biology Exams biology board papers at the federal level Biology board papers from the Gujranwala board Biology board papers from the DG Khan board Faisalabad board previous papers Board from Lahore

Previous Year’s Biology Exams 2019:

Examine the sample of the previous year’s paper for the Lahore Board annual 2019. The purpose of the Biology section is presented in the following.

The death of cells that occurs as a result of injury to the tissue is known as: (A) Apoptosis (B) Necrosis (C) Metastasis (D) Suicide

A hormone known as progesterone is produced by the corpus luteum. Other hormones produced by the corpus luteum include oestrogen, oxytocin, and testosterone.

There are three types of insects that produce the enzyme luciferase: (A) the housefly, (B) the firefly, (C) the butterfly, and (D) the tsetse fly.

Ectoderms, Endotherms, Ecothems, and Heterotherms are the terms used to describe animals like bats and hummingbirds.

Dust, sand, land, and soil make up the uppermost layer of the earth’s crust, respectively. (A) (B) (C) (D)

An ascidian zygote’s clear cytoplasm gives rise to the following structures: (A) muscle cells (B) larval epidermis (C) the gut (D) the notochord

Fibers, Sclereides, Tmchcids, and Vessels are the names given to the several types of sclerenchyma cells that may be found in seed coatings and nutshells.

Malpighian tubules are responsible for the removal of waste products containing nitrogen from the following: (A) lymph (B) haemolymph (C) coelomic fluid (D) Hindgut

In place of meiosis, the pairing of homologous chromosomes Lb was successfully completed:
(A) Leptolene, (B) Zygotenc, (C) Pachytenc, and (D) Diplotcne

The first stage of succession, known as primary succession, is referred to as: (A) Derosere (B) Hydrosere (C) Ecosphere (D) Xeroserc

The unique pattern of chromosomes that is carried by a person is referred to as the (A) Genome, (B) Gcnepool, (C) Karyotype, and (D) DNA-Duplex.

The most fundamental method of education is habituation, followed by imprinting, insight learning, and finally latent kami percent.

Which of the following biomes is the most susceptible to damage:
(A) Tundra (8) Desert (C) Grassland (D) Forest

The process through which an egg is released from the ovary is referred to as: (A) gametogenesis (B) ovulation (C) menstruation (D) the menstrual cycle

(A) Arthritis (B) Rickets (C) Sciatica (D) SpoMybsis is the name of the illness that causes immobility and the fusion of spinal joints.

The frequency of the allele alkk9 at the locus that was decorated by chtvce h is as follows:
(A) Genetic (B) Genetic drift (C) Genetic pool (D) Mutation

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