Biology 2nd Year Past Papers Federal Board 2021

Biology 2nd Year Past Papers Federal Board 2021.Downloadable past papers in pdf format for the Biology 2nd Year 2021 federal board examination. FBISE solved old documents HSSC 2. The previous year’s Biology second-year exam was solved by FBISE.

Previous Exams, Biology, Second Year:

Read through some examples of multiple choice questions that were on the previous exam for Biology 2021.

Which of the following does NOT contribute to an increase or decrease in the rate of alveolar diffusion?
The soluble nature of gasesbr> Dimensions of the membrane’s thicknessbr> The reactive potential of the gases Pressure gradient

Higher concentrations cause glomerular filtration to take place.
Pressure exerted by Osmosis br Colloidal Pressure
Pressure Due to Hydrostatic Buildupbr> Solute Pressure

Short Answers to Questions for 2021:

I Explain how living things get rid of ammonia. Give a brief explanation with> (ii) Bnafly should talk about how cross-bridges are controlled when muscles contract. (1) How long do endocrine glands work?
(2) Talk about how blood gets to the nephron. (3) What does “positive feedback” mean? How does that happen?

What makes a blastula?
How do polygenic traits work? How do they say what they want?
Talk about cleavage in holoblasts.
What does “null gamete” mean? How does It figure out if a child is male or female?

Long Questions Section:

What does it mean for a membrane potential to be at rest? Describe the reasons that led to the establishment of the RMP. Additionally, please sketch the diagram.
Describe the stages of human development that occur during the first trimester of pregnancy.

You may download both the objective and subjective sections of the whole study in pdf format below.

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