Biology Full Book 2nd Year Model Paper 2022

Biology Full Book 2nd Year Model Paper 2022.Model paper for the second year (2022) of the Biology complete book. Finish the test based on the book’s syllabus for biology 12th grade according to the smart syllabus. The whole curriculum for the FSC Biology Part 2 exam will be given in 2021. 12th Biology Azeem 10 Boards Solutions Model papers for the 2021 ALP examination.

This model paper for FSC Part 2 Biology is applicable to all of the Boards in Punjab, the Federal, and AJ&K. The list of model papers for the second year of Biology may be seen below.

Biology 2nd Year Model Paper 2021

12th Grade Biology Complete Textbook Objective Portion of the Exam According to the revised study plan, intermediate studies will begin in 2021.

The whole book report for the second-year Biology class may be seen above. The entire multiple-choice test is structured in accordance with the AP Smart curriculum. The most crucial thing is that the paper is put together in accordance with the fsc pairing scheme 2021. There will be a total of 17 questions that require a decision to be made.

Subjective 2nd Year Biology Full Book:

Some examples of short questions?:

i. Distinguish between the processes of osmoregulation and thermoregulation.
ii. Please give an illustration of the process known as anhydrobiosis.
III. Can you explain what lithotripsy is?
iii. Describe the ball and socket joints and provide an illustration of one.
V. What distinguishes the hinge joint from the ball and socket joint, both of which are types of joints? OR Compare \svi. In what ways are you familiar with rickets? OR Explain what tickets are. Give some ideas on how to fix it. Write a few paragraphs on the illness. Rickets.
vii. What are neurotransmitters? Give some examples of it.
vii. Please explain what a synapse is, or provide an explanation of the term synapse. What are the roles that oxytocin hormones play in the body?
Explain the difference between oviparous and viviparous reproduction.
xi. Please describe the role that interstitial cells play in the testis.
xii. What comes after being born? OR What exactly happens when a baby is born?

Part 2 of the biology exam short questions:

i. Please provide a definition for growth correlations or explain what growth correlations are. (5-times)
What is meant by the term “discoidal cleavage”? (6-times)
What exactly is meant by the term “regeneration”? (3-times)
iv. What function do promoters serve in the process of transcription?
V. Distinguish between the sense strands of DNA and the anti-sense strands of DNA.
vi. What exactly does it mean for the genetic code to be universal? (3-times)
vii. Define cell cycle. Describe each of its stages. (6-times)
A. When did the phragmoplast first form, and how did it do so? (3-times)
ix. Differentiate between the processes of cytokinesis and karyokinesis. (7-times)
Can you explain what a test cross is? What is the importance of it? (4-times)
xi. What are many alleles, provide its example? (4-times)
xii. What is MODY? Write down what caused it. Educate me about the acronym MODY. (4-times)

Fill in the blanks with brief replies to any of the SIX components

i. Could you please explain the endosymbiont idea to me? (4-times 2018)
ii. Define species. (3-times)
What exactly is the function of restriction enzymes? Provide an illustration. (7-times)
iv. Can you explain what palindromic sequences are? Explain why they are important. (4-times)
V. Please only define the food chain and the food web. (5-times)
vi. Explain the importance of the term “predation.” (6-times)
vii. Contrast phytoplanktons and zooplanktons in your response. (3-times)
viii. Please list four of the most important terrestrial ecosystems that may be found in Pakistan. (3-times)
ix. What exactly are some examples of industrial effluents? Provide their function. (3-times


Attempt any THREE questions. Each question has 08 Marks.
(a) It is important to emphasise the function of the liver as an excretory organ. (4-times) \s(b). It would be helpful if you could explain the ultrastructure of the myofilaments that are seen in skeletal muscle fibres. (4-times)
(a) Discuss the function of auxins as well as their applications in the business world. (3-times)
(a) Can you explain what receptors are? Explain each category after you’ve classified them. (3-times)
(a) Jot down some notes on the reproductive system of the human male. (4-times)
(a) Please explain the significance of the mitotic process.
(a) What does “Rh-factor” stand for? Describe its function with regard to blood pressure and pregnancy. (3-times)
(a) What were the steps that led to the evolution of prokaryotes into eukaryotes?
(a) Describe both parasitism and predation, as well as the relevance of each. (5-times)
(a) Please provide a description of the ecosystem of grasslands.

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