Biology Kingdom Protista MCQs for the MDCAT

Biology Kingdom Protista MCQs for the MDCAT. MDCAT Biology MCQs with Answer Keys Biology MCAT Kingdom Protista completed the MCQs. Online Kingdom postista Biology MCQs for entry test preparation. All important multiple-choice questions are listed below. The correct answer is in bold letters. Continue reading and preparing for the entry test examination.

Kingdom Protista MDCAT Topical MCQs

l Organisms of which of the following kingdom have absorptive mode ofnutrition:
A) Prokaryotae
B) Protoctista
C) Animalia
D) Fungi
2 Amoeba belongs to which kingdom:
A) Prokaryotic
B) Plantae
C) Monera
D) Protista
3 Which of the protozoa has a striking resemblance to collar cells in sponges?
A) Zooflagellates p
B) Choanflagellates
C) T’ypanosomoa
D) Trichonymphas
4 Radiolarians belong bh of the following protozoal group?
A) Zootlagellates
B) Actinopods
C) Foraminifera
D) Apicomplexans ,
5 Lime stone deposits are form from:
A) Zooflagdlates
B) Foraminiferans
C) Actinopods
D) Apicomplexans
6 Plasmodium belongs to.
A) Ciliates
B) Apicomplexans
C) Actinopods
D) Foraininferans
7 Complex specialized flagellates living symbiotically in the gut of termites are:
A) Trichonymphas
B) Trypanosoma
C) Euglena
D) Radiolarians
8 The definite shape to ciliates s given by
A) Pellicle
B) Penicle
C) Calcium
D) Cell wall
9 In which of the following phyla, major food reserves and cell wall are like plants?
A) Rhodophyta
B) chlorophyta
C) Phaeophyta ,
d) chrysophyta
10 Most of the photosynthesis on earth is carried by:
A) Kelps
B) Gymno
C) Angiosperms
11 The only group of algae having no fhgcllated motile cc
A) Chrysophyta
B) Phaeophyta
C) Pyrrophyta
D) Rhodophyta
12 Brown algae are also known as:
A) Phaeophyta
B) Rhodophyta
C) Pyrrophyta
D) Chrysophata
13 Based on molecular data, euglenoids are thought to be closely relate
A) Dinoflagellates
B) Zooflagellates
C) Protozoans
D) Algae

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