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Biology Kips Mdcat Mcqs With Solutions. Biology chapter-by-chapter mdcat kips with solutions Download the Kips mdcat Biology MCQs to prepare for the online mcat admission test.

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The following list of Biology MCQs for the MCAT includes the answers.

Kips Mdcat Biology questions

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T Phages generally parasitic:
A) Bacillus
B) Pseudomonas
C) E.coli
D) Lambda phage

Viral genome integrated into the bacterial genome is called:
A) Plasmid.
B) Prophage
C) Virion
D) Capsid

In the lysogenic cycle, the DNA of the bacteriophage:
A) Joins the bacterial chromosome
B) Is immediately degraded when entering
C) Joins the bacterial plasmid
D) Attached with the ribosome

Tobacco mosaic virus is:
A) Tadpole like
B) Spherical
C) Rod-shaped
D) Hexagonal

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Which of the following disease results in paralysis due to a viral attack on C.N.S?
A) Smallpox
C) Hepatitis
D) Polio

Up to 60% of adults are immune to:
A) Mumps and measles
B) Influenza and herpes
C) Cowpox and measles
D) Cowpox and smallpox

Which of the following virus has special affiliations with tumor production?
A) Hepatitis virus
B) Poxvirus
C) Retrovirus
D) Viroid

Major cells targeted by HIV in the human body are:
A) HelperT cells.
B) B cells
C) Killer T cell
D) CytOtoxic cells

Shape of the head of a Bacteriophage is:
A) Pyramidal
B) Spiral
C) Elongated pyramidal
D) Cubical

These are the smallest known viruses and contain RNA in spherical capsid:
A) Herpesvirus
B) Poxvirus
C) Poliovirus
D) Influenza virus

Viral inflammation of the parotid gland is commonly associated with:
A) Smallpox
B) Herpes simplex
C) Influenza

Which of these is incorrect about HIV?
A) Envelope is lipoprotein in nature
B) COne shaped capsid
C) Contain one molecule of RNA
D) Reverse transcriptase

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