Biology MCQs MDCAT 11th With Keys

Biology MCQs MDCAT 11th With Keys. Chapter-by-chapter Biology fsc part 1 of the mdcat 11th biology MCQs, the mcat Biology MCQs, the fsc Biology MCQs, and the mcat Practice Test.

Table of Contents for MDCAT 11th Biology

Here are all of the chapter-by-chapter Biology mdcat exam questions. You can download the entire book in PDF form. Answer keys are provided for every chapter. Consult the Table of Contents before downloading.

  • Introduction to Biology
  • Biological Molecules
  • Enzymes
  • The Cell
  • Variety of Life
  • The Kingdom Monera
  • Kingdom Protoctista
  • Kingdom Fungi
  • Kingdom Plantae
  • Kingdom Animalia
  • Bio-Energetic
  • Nutrition
  • Gaseous Exchange
  • Transport

MDCAT Biology Part 1 Chapter-by-Chapter MCQs

Now you can download mdcat 11th Biology chapter wise multiple choice questions given in the table below.

Srchapter NamePDF
1Introduction to BiologyDownload
2Biological MoleculesDownload
4The CellDownload
5Variety of LifeDownload
6The Kingdom MoneraDownload
7Kingdom ProtoctistaDownload
8Kingdom FungiDownload
9Kingdom PlantaeDownload
10Kingdom AnimaliaDownload
13Gaseous ExchangeDownload
MDCAT 11th Biology Unit Wise MCQs

Sample MCQs for Biology Introduction:

Population is a higher level of  biological organization than 




(d)a and b

Age of rocks is calculated by comparing the amount of

(a) Radioactive Isotopes  

(b) Organic compounds

(c) Inorganic compounds

(d) Fossils

Sample MCQs for Biological Molecules:

Amount of amino acids which are present in each turn of alpha – helix?

(a) 6.3 amino acids           

(b) 3.6 amino acids           

(c) 14.1 amino acids       

(d) 14.6 amino acids

Sample MCQs for Enzymes:

A temperature beyond optimum:

(a) Can affect the shape of the enzyme                      

(b) Can change the ionization of the active site

(c) Lowers the energy of activation                            

(d) Makes cell less susceptible to disease

MCQs for The Cell Sample:

Tubulin, actin, myosin, tropomyosin etc., are the main proteins that are present in:

(a) Cytoskeleton               

(b) Centriole                     

(c) Cilia                                    

(d) Cytosol

Sample MCQs for a Wide Range of Life:

T-lymphocytes results m
failure of immune system making individual vulherable to all other
a. diseases
b. viruses
c. bacteria
d. fungus

  • Virus depend on other plants and animals for its synthesis that are
    a. obligatory intracellular parasite
    b. obligatory extracellular parasite
    c. obligatory parasite
    d. intracellular parasite
    Shape of a polio virus is
    a. cylindrical
    b. spherical
    c. round
    d. oval

Kingdom Monera MCQ Example:

The bacteria which never have any flagella
A. Spirochete
B. Vibrio
C. Cocci
D. Bacilli

Sample MCQ for Kingdom Protoctista:

pseudopodia is specialized cytoplasmic projections which is attribute of
a. parameciuln
b. Ameoba
d. hlamvdomonas
Flagejlates which are found in gut of termite and digest dry wood which are called
b. TrichonymPhas
c. TeranymPhas
d. quadronymPhus
Special organelle which plays an iinportant role in regulation of water in freshwater ciliates is called
a. nucleus
b. contractile vacuole .
c. initochondria
d. centrioles


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