Biology MDCAT Past Papers Solved MCQs Part 1 Unit 11

Biology MDCAT Past Papers Solved MCQs Part 1 Unit 11. Before beginning a practise exam for the MDCAT, make sure you are familiar with the format of the multiple-choice questions (MCQs) and the amount of time you have to respond to each one.

Solved MCQs Part 1 Unit 11:

1) During the process of aerobic respiration, at what point did two or more carbon molecules get completely oxidised into carbon dioxide? (Entry Test 2009)
a) Krcb’ cycle
b) Glycolysis
c) Calvin cycle
d) ETC
2) Chlorophylls absorb mainly wave length: (Entry Test 2009)
a) Yellow
b) Green
c) Violet-blue
d) Indigo
3) What type of anaerobic respiration takes place in human and animal muscle cells during intense physiological activities? (Entry Test 2009)
a) Alcoholic fermentation
b) Lactic acid fermentation
c) Glycolysis
d) Pyruvic oxidation
4) In which of the following life processes is ATP produced? (NSTC-8-Sample paper 2010-2012)
a) I Photosynthesis a) I only
b) II Aerobic respiration b) II only
c)III Only stages I and II of anaerobic respiration
d) I, II and 111
5) Red corpuscles to hemoglobin as chloroplasts are to: (NSTC-8-Samplepaper 2010-2012)
a) Guard cells
b) Palisade cells
c) Chlorophyll
d) Photosynthesis
6) Which of the following is not the end product glycolysis: (Entrance self- Tesf-2011)
a) ATP
b) Oxaloacetate
c) Reduced N AL)
a) Pyruvate
7) Which of the following dues occur for the formation or acetyl CO-A from pyruvate:
a) Decarboxylation
b) Hydrogenation
c) Carboxylation

Self-Study Entrance Exam with Answers:

d) Deamination
8) At the beginning of Kreb’s cycle cetyl CO-A combines with which substrate to form citrate (6-C):
a) Oxaloaccetate
b) Oxoglutarate
c) Fumarate
d) Succinate
9) Which of the following is not the end product or non-cyclic photophosphorylation: (Entrance Self- Test-2011)
a) Reduced NADP
b) 02
c) Co2
a) ATP
1 0) Cyclic phosphorylation results in the following outcome(s): (Entry Test-2012)
a) ATP
b) NADP and ATP
c) NADP, ATP and 02
12) Total NADH formed by one glucose molecule during Kreb’s Cycle are: (Entry Test-2012)

11) The end product glycolysis is: (Entry Test-2012)
a) Citric acid
b) ADP
c) Reduced FAD
d) Pyruvate
12) The terminal electron acceptor in electron transport chain is: (Entry Test-2012)
a) Cytochrome
b) Hydrogen
c) Oxygen
d) ATP
13) During conversion, one FADHI molecule is created in Kreb’s cycle, or (Entry Test-2012)
a) Fumarate Malate
b) Malite Oxaloacetate
c) Succinate Fumarate
d) Ketaglutarate Succinate
14) Each NADH molecule that is fed into the ETC creates: (Entrance Test-2013)
a) 2 ATP
b) 3 ATP
c) 4 ATP
d) 6 ATP

Original MCQs with Answers for Entrance Exam:

15) Final acceptor of electrons in respiratory chain is: (Entrance Test-2013)
a) Cytochrome a3
b) Cytochrome a
c) Cytochrome c
d) Oxygen
16) The following are some of the effects that anaerobic respiration has on animals, including humans:
(Entrance Test-2013)
a) Pyruvic acid
b) Lactic acid
c) Ethanol
d) Glucose
17) A biochemical process which occurs within a cell to breakdown complex compounds to produce energy is called: (Entrance Test-2013)
a) Respiration
b) Oxidation reduction
c) Photosynthesis
d) Photo phosphorylation
18) ‘Which part of chlorophyll molecule absorbs light?
a) Pyrrol
b) Thylakoid membrane
c) Phytol

d) Prophyrin Ring
19) Oxidative phase of glycolysis starts with
(Entrance 4)
dehydrogenation of:
a) Glycolysis
c) Glyceraldehyde 3-phosphate
20)The Kreb’s cycle generates three molecules in one cycle: one molecule of FADH2, one molecule of AT P, and——–
‘ molecules of NADH: (Entrance Test-2014)
a) 1

b) 3

c) 2

d) 4
21) Which one of the follöwing is the stage of cellular respiration for which oxygen is not essential?
(Entrance Test-2014)
a) Glycolysis
b) Pyruvate oxidation
c) Kreb’s cycle.
d) Electron Transport Chain

Original MDCAT-Resolved MCQs:

22) Pyruvate ……………….>Acetyl CoA
d) FADH_____FAD + H+
23) In light independent stage of photosynthesis, the to form an unstable C02 combines with
6-carbon intermediate: (Entrance Test-2015)
a) Ribulose bisphosphate
b) Hexose sugar
c) Glyceraldehyde 3-phosphate
d) Glyceraldehyde 9-phosphate
24)  In , glycolysis, glycerate-l, bisphosphate is converted into glycerate-3-phosphate by loosing phosphate molecules. (Entrance Test-2015)
a) 3
b) 1
c) 2
d) 4

25) Malate is oxidind by to oxaloacetate in Kreb’s cycle: (Entrance Test-2015)
a) ATP
c) NAD
d) FAD
26) In electron transport chain, the electrons from NADH and FADH2 are passed to:
(Entrance Test-2015)
a) Co-enzyme c
b) Cytochrome a
c) Co-enzyme Q
d) Cytochrome a3
27) The carriers of the respiratory chain are located on: (Entrance Test-2015)
a) Matrix of mitochondria
b) Outer membrane of mitochondria
c) Inner membrane of mitochondria
d) Cytoplasmic matrix
28) Each ……consists or g light gathering antenna complex and reaction center. (Entrance Test-2012)
a) Photon
b) Chlorophyll
c) Electron
d) Photo system

Practice exams for entrance exams:

29) Photo system I has chlorophyll g molecules Which absorb rnaximum light of: (Entrance Test-2016)
a) 700 nm
b) 680 nm
c) 580 nm
d) 780 nm
30) C4 photosynthesis or cyclic currently generates: (Entrance Test-2015)
a) only C02
b) ATPand C02
c) Only Oxygen
d) ATP
31) Immediøte product formed after C02 fixation in Calvin Cycle is: (Entrance Test-2016)
a) Unstable 6-cørbon compound
b) Unstable 5-carbon compound
c) Unstable 4-carbon compound
d) Unstable 3-carbon compound
32) Functional group of chlorophyll a is: (Entrance Test-2016)
a) —CH3
b) —-CHO
c) —COOH
d) –OH
33) Chlorophyll molecule’ contains: (Entry Test-2017)
a) Mg++
b) Na+
c) K+
d) Ca++
34) The tail of chlorophyll molecule is embedded in: (Entry Test-201T)
a) Membrane of mitochondria
b) Thylakoid membrane
c) Membrane of SER
d) Membrane of RER
35) Carotenoids absorb light of: (Entry Test-2017)
a) Yellow-orange range
b) Orange-red range
c) Bluerviolet range
d) Yellow-rechange
36) Chlorophyll “a” and chlorophyll “b” differ in one of the functional groups Chlorophyll “a” has: (Entrance Test-201T)
a) –CHO
b) ÄOH
c) .—NH2

d) CH3
37) Calvin cycle occurs in: (Entry Test-2017)
a) Grana of chloroplast
b) Stroma of chloroplast
c) Chlorophyll (Reaction centre)
d) Roots of plants
38) Glycerate-3-phosph8te in the presence of ATP and reduced NADP from light depend stage is reduced: (Entry Test-2011)
a) 3-carbon compound
b) Ribulose bisphosphate
c) carbon compound
d) 6-carbon compound

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