Chapter 5 MCQs, Short and Long Questions For 11th Biology

Chapter 5 MCQs, Short and Long Questions For 11th Biology. Chapter 5 different ways of going about life practise MCQs taken from previous years’ FSC part 1 exams. MCQs for the Fsc Biology part 1 subject on the many forms of life that can be found online. Download the MCQs that have been solved for 11th grade biology chapter 5 in pdf format. The most significant multiple-choice questions from previous annual papers. Along with shorter questions covering the whole lesson, there are also longer, more significant questions provided.

MCQs are also provided for Chapter 5’s A Variety of Life:

Part 1 of the FSC Biology Exam Important multiple choice questions from Chapter 5 about the diversity of life. In a similar manner, we present both short and lengthy questions pertaining to unit 5 11h. Biology The many facets of existence.

Check the box next to the appropriate response to question no. 1.

a. In females in the 1980s b. In males in 1977 c. In males in the 1980s d. Both in males and females in the 1980s None

  1. Reverse transcriptase is an enzyme that transcribes in the opposite direction.

a. Use of host DNA as a template; b. Use of viral DNA as a template; c. Use of viral RNA as a template
c. Utilization of host RNA as a template

  1. The virus that is responsible for AIDS was given the designation HIV in the year

a. 1980 b. 1984 c. 1986 d. 1990

a. Polio virus b. In fluenza virus c. Paramyxoviruses d. Herpes virus

  1. Which of these viruses does not have a spherical shape?

a. Tubulovirus b. Infloenza virus c. Herpes virus d. All

  1. The virus is responsible for the synthesis of viral nucleic acid and protein.

a. Host cell b. Virus c. Both of these d. Neither of these

  1. Prion proteins are infectious pathogens that are composed of

a. RNA b. DNA c. Protein d. All 8 Of the following, which one falls within the category of vertebrate fish? RNA DNA Protein

  1. The Shark Fish 2. The Crayfish 3. The Jelly Fish 4. The Star Fish
  2. The protista brought about the establishment of the monarchy

R. Whittaker, John Hogg, Linnaeus, and E. Haeckel are the names that come to mind.

  1. Bacteriophage was the first term given to phage viruses by the

Twort, D’Herelle, Haeckel, and None are the correct answers.

Chapter 5 Quick Questions:

  1. What does the abbreviation HIV and AIDS stand for?
  2. Name some viral infections in Pakistan
  3. Choose any two characters from Retroviruses and write them down.
  4. For what are the scientists L. Pasteur and Charles Chamberland famous?
  5. Name the five different categorization kingdoms
  6. Define binomial nomenclature. What was the initial impetus behind this system?

Long questions from Chapter 5 of 11th Biology:

Describe the stages of development that bacteriophages go through.

The multiple-choice questions, short questions, and lengthy questions up top were all for the purpose of practise and self-evaluation. We are aware that at this point you would need the answer keys to all of these queries pertaining to the diversity of life unit. Downloadable PDF answer keys are available for biology chapter 5 diversity of life for the 11th grade. You may get the whole unit’s worth of MCQs and brief answers by downloading them from this website.

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