Chemistry MDCAT Entry Test Past Papers Part 1Unit 8

Chemistry MDCAT Entry Test Past Papers Part 1. It is strongly suggested that you prepare for your next medical school examinations by working through the MDCAT Chemistry Unit 8 Solved Multiple Choice Questions. Your level of knowledge and understanding in MDCAT Chemistry, one of the most important courses for medical students, may be evaluated with the help of these multiple-choice questions (MCQs). Because they cover such a broad range of topics, including as atomic structure and chemical processes, the questions provide an excellent means by which to study for examinations. The multiple-choice questions for unit 6 may be found here.

Unit 8 MDCAT Chemistry MCQs:

MDCAT Chemistry Unit 8 Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) Solved MDCAT Chemistry Unit 8 MCQs from Past Exams MDCAT Chemistry Unit 8 MCQs from Entry Tests MDCAT Chemistry Unit 8 MCQs Unit 4 of the chemistry course will have multiple-choice questions.

1.Reaction of BCL3 with H2O gives white ppt. Of Bi0Cl and is formed. The white ppt. disappears by MCAT 2011
(A) Adding BiCl3
(B) adding HCL
(C) Increasing Temperature
(D) Decreasing temperature
2. ———–is used as catalyst in Haber’s process for NH3 gas manufacturer MCAT 2008
(A) Carbon
(B) Silver
(C) Iron
(D) Copper
3. Formation of NHS is reversible and exothermic process, what will happen on cooling? MDCAT 2012
(A) More N2 will be formed
(B) More H2 will be formed
(C) More product (NH3) will be formed
(D) More reactant will form
4. The temperature maintained during the process in modern Haber Process Plants is: MCAT 2012
(A) 670 – 770 K (400 c- 500C)
(B) 270 -370k 0C-100C)
(C) 370 – 470 K (100 c-200 c)
(D) 570-600 K (300 C -380C
5. The catalyst used in the Haber’s process is: MCAT 2013
(A) Magnesium oxide
(B) Aluminum oxide
(C) Silicon oxide
(D) Iron crystals with metal oxide promoters

Fsc Chemistry MCQs CH-8 Solved:

6. During contact process of H2S04 synthesis, the following reaction occurs:2SO2(g)+O2(g) 2SO3(g) H=-96kJmol-1 which step is used to increase the yield of SO3? MCAT 2016
(A) SO3 formed is removed very quickly
(B) Temperature is raised to very high degree
(C) Both temperature and pressure are kept very low
(D) An excess of air is used to drive the equilibrium to the tight side
7. About 80% of ammonia is used for the production of
(A) Polymers
(B) Nylon
(C) Explosives
(D) Fertilizers

8. For a NaOH solution with a concentration of 103 M, what would the pH value be? MCAT 2014

(A) 3
(B) 14
(C) 11
(D) 7

9. The nature of equeous solution of ammonia NH3 is MCAT 2013

(A) Amphoteric
(B) Neutral
(C) Acidic
(D) Basic

10. In AgCl solution some salt of NaCl is added AgCl will be precipated due to…MCAT 2011

(A) Solubility
(B) Electrolyte
(C) Unsaturation effect
(D) Common ion effect

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