Dark They Were & Golden Eyed Synonyms and MCQs 11th English

Dark They Were & Golden Eyed Synonyms and MCQs 11th English.Dark they were and golden eyed important synonyms and MCQs from past papers.

Synonyms for Dark They Were and Golden Eyed MCQs:

(1) Its lid gave a bursting pop.
(A) sound of buzzing (B) sound of creaking (C) sound of humming (D) sound of exploding
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(2)The man felt a fluttering in his hair and a drawing together of the tissues in his body.
(A) flicker (B) swell (C) rattle (D) dwindle
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(3) It seemed as though the wind was trying to blow away their identity.
(A) drift
(B) do not waste
(C) enhance
(D) demolish
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(4) He had the impression that he was submerged in a chemical that had the potential to destroy his intellect and erase his history.
(A) submerged (B) peeling (C) warping (D) flaking
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(5) “Keep your head up,
(A) show some guts (B) move quickly (C) keep your head (D) keep in touch
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(6) The children screamed as they looked up into the vast dome of the Martian sky.
(A) argued (B) screamed (C) entertained themselves (D) moved quickly
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(7) “Here we go, he said, a man standing on the verge of a sea, ready to wade in and be drowned.” (Here we go with a man standing on the edge of a sea)
(A) stroll (B) dive (C) soak in the tub (D) splish
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(8) You haven’t been sneaking around in there, have you, in all those ruins?
(A) standing (B) staying (C) roaming (D) swaying
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(9) As she sobbed her way through the colony, Laura stumbled around.
(A) sat around doing nothing (B) jumped (C) stumbled (D) prowled
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(10) Laura ran into the porch without looking where she was going.
(A) dashed (B) walked (C) aimlessly roamed (D) dissipated
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(11) We are doomed to remain on Mars till the end of time!
(A) discarded (B) established (C) subdued (D) stooped
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(12) The intensity of his terror enveloped him completely and made him sweat profusely.
A. dried B. dissolved C. poured D. soaked
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(13) The men were chatting in a very laid-back and unhurried manner as they sat with their hands on their knees.
(A) enjoying (B) bragging (C) arguing (D) chatting
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(14) Harry, I was given a substantial amount of metal as well as some plans.
documents (A), drawings (B), blue patterns (C), printed paper (D), and paper with printed designs
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(15) His wife came in carrying a wicker basket with his lunch inside of it.
cane, (A) stalwart; (B) handy; (C) diabolical; and (D) handy;
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(16) The sons entertained their parents by singing and playing ancient flutes and pipes, and their laughing could be heard throughout the marble villa.
A hissing sound B a reverberating tone C a humming tone D a reverting tone
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(17) They weren’t aware of any better options, ” his wife reflected.
(A) shuddered (B) sobbed (C) thought (D) shrugged
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(18) As they stared at one other, they were both surprised by everything that they had just completed stating.
A) amused B) stranded C) amazed D) repressed A) amused B) stranded
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(19) She had a golden complexion and was quite thin.
(A) slender (B) attractive (C) youthful (D) tall
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(20) In an abandoned store, they discovered a frail rocket frame that had rusted over.
(A) corroded (B) craggy (C) fragile (D) incomplete
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(21) The captain made his headquarters at an old tavern that had been closed down.
(A) desolate (B) corroded (C) craggy (D) submerged
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(22) When you looked into Harry’s eyes, you could make out tiny, very dim flecks of gold.
(A) lines (B) reflections (C) spots (D) colours (A)
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(23) Harry had the impression that he was being dissolved in a chemical that may destroy his intellect and wipe out his history.
(A) the human body (B) the human mind (C) human potential (D) human ingenuity
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(24) They observed the Martian hills that had been worn down by the relentless pressure of the years that had passed.
(A) Damaged (B) provided
(C) was successful. (D) demonstrated
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(25) Fear accompanied Mr. and Mrs. Bittering as if it were a third companion they hadn’t asked for.
A. uninvited and unaccompanied B. unfriendly and unfriendly C. unjust D. unfairly treated
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(26) Risk-free and out of your mind!
(A) lacking in fullness
(B) furious
(C) slender
(D) sad
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(27) She wailed and cried.
(A) shared, (B) shed tears, and (C) sighed.
(D) discussed
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(28) He stared at their home with astonishment in his eyes.
(A) dissatisfaction (B) joy (C) gratification (D) pleasure
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(29) Each of the planks has been bent and is now out of shape.
went, twisted, spent, gone, and gone are antonyms of each other.
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(30) Doesn’t it scare you?
(A) bring in (B) disperse (C) terrify (D) entice
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(31) There is a good chance that a pandemic was what ended this village.
This town was either: (A) cleared of its inhabitants; (B) destroyed; (C) displaced; or (D) brought.
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(32) The painted homes were a fake and had peeled paint on them.
(A) cracked (B) scratched (C) glinted (D) shattered
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(33) The daughter wove tapestries in her spare time.
(A) carpets and rugs (B) embroidered sweaters (C) embroideries (D) knitwear
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(34) There is a good chance that the plague was what ended this community.
A. the storm B. the rain C. the sickness D. the wind
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(35) I have a feeling that this is one of those enigmas that we will never unravel.
(A) puzzles (B) ideas (C) thoughts (D) questions
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Dark They Were & Golden Eyed (Summary)

Harry Bittering and his family move from Earth to Mars so that they can be part of a new colony there. But as soon as their rocketship landed on Mars, Harry had the clear impression that there was something very wrong with the atmosphere there, and that it was already making small but important changes to his family.

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