DHOW Cruise Dubai Romantic Trip

DHOW Cruise Dubai Romantic Trip. The word “dhow” can refer to both informal and formal wooden ships made for ocean trade in Arabic. Cruise on a Dhow Because the ships that operate in Dubai Creek have been in operation for such a long time, even their point of origin is unknown. This gives them an unusually high checkable extent. Dhow Cruise Creek is the most popular tourist location that brings people there for romantic weekend getaways.

You will feel as though you have emerged from a time machine and into the future if this is your first time visiting Dhow Cruise in Dubai Dhow. This is because the experience will feel so futuristic. In a few words, going on a Dhow Cruise From Dubai holiday could end up being the most enjoyable way for you to take part in your excursion. Dhow Cruise Deals gives tourists a superb opportunity to learn about and enjoy the city’s rich culture while also providing them with an unforgettable experience.

If you want to spend quality time with the people you care about, going on a Dhow Cruise in Dubai is the most appealing thing you could do. Even though this is not your first visit, you shouldn’t pass up the opportunity to check out the other attractions in the area. After such a successful day, you deserve to reward yourself by going on a Dhow Cruise Dinner in Dubai. The Dhow Ferry is going to put on a fantastic dinner with live entertainment for their guests. The Dhows Cruise supper, which has become as an essential component, will make the flavour of your journey to Dubai that much more memorable. Always keep an optimistic attitude about it.

The Best of the Dhow Cruise in the Creek:


You’ll notice a sense of timeless beauty that coexists harmoniously with the sophistication of the current period as you take in the gorgeous features of the Dhow Cruise Creek, and while you do so, you’ll be able to pick up on this feeling. On our official Arabian Dhow Cruise in Dubai, we provide you with everything you could possibly require for the vacation of a lifetime. The spectacular tour of Dubai’s attractions by sailboat.

Cruise Meal:

As we cruise peacefully down Dubai Creek in our authentic Arab dhow, we are enjoying a sophisticated barbecue dinner that we have set up outside. It is a gathering that is believed in by gracious councils, exceptional generosity, and astounding settings. The Creek From Dubai excursion includes a dinner cruise, which is the best opportunity to take in the expansive vistas, and it is one of the most appealing aspects of the tour.


In addition, our one and a half hour Dhow Cruise along Dubai Creek offers entertainment for you to enjoy while you are dining. You could find some fascinating leisure activities in your immediate vicinity. You will be able to participate in a range of built-in activities in Dhow Cruise Creek, such as the official dance performances of Tanura and unlisted music performances.

Deals on Dhow Cruises in Dubai Creek:

The DHOW will cruise the Dubai Creek
Only 45 AED for each individual
Enjoy a Romantic Dinner, Two Hours of Cruising, Live Entertainment Shows, and Unlimited Soft Drinks During Your Dhow Cruise Creek Experience!
Under the Age of Three Is Completely Free.

Guaranteed To Be The Lowest Price Available On The Internet!

Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina Deals:

DHOW CRUISE Marina in Dubai only 120 AED per individual
Two hours of cruising, live entertainment, a BBQ buffet meal, and unlimited soft drinks are all part of the Dhow Cruise Marina experience. There is no charge for children less than three.

The most amazing offer that can be found on the web!


The waterfront development at Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina is the focus of the majority of the attention garnered by the media. The entire Dhow Cruise Marina Dubai, in addition to the lagoon that cuts through the middle of it, served as the location for the commercial and recreational training that took place. The best way to get to know it is to take a traditional wooden boat known as a dhow out on the placid waters of the lagoon. Join us on our luxurious Dhow Cruise departing from Dubai today! An exhilarating dinner cruise through the Dubai Marina is available on our traditional Dhow.

We provide the Best Dubai Marina Dhow Cruise, which consists of dining while on board, joining, a theme that incorporates the city skyline, and a breathtaking view of the city from the Dhow itself. It offers a view of the Dhow Cruise Marina neighbourhood during the evening hours in Dubai. Cayan Tower, JBR, the Bluewater, Ain Dubai, and an unending number of other eye-catching, sky-high towers may be found there, as well as some of the most notable and eye-catching structures in the entire city. This Dubai cruise attracts a large number of passengers from all over the world. Getting in some exercise with your loved ones or close friends while you’re in Dubai is an absolute requirement.

Features of Dhow Cruise Marina:

On the Dhow Cruise Marina Dubai that we are going to present to you, you will have the opportunity to take in the scene from a variety of vantage points. The highlights that are discussed here are just some of the gorgeous and intriguing elements that can be found in Dubai Marina.


The first thing that stands out about this dhow cruise adventure is the high standard of the Dhow Cruise Marina as twilight approaches. You would be able to see accomplishments such as the Dubai Marina Mall from a dhow, the peculiar Cayan Towers that are 1800 feet tall, and the astounding Bluewater redevelopment as your eyes added up the 3600. In the evening, when it is all decked out for the holiday, this nook would provide for the perfect background for a stunning and jaw-dropping selfie that you could share on social media. Keep track of the recollections so that you can reflect on them when you get back to your house.

Schedule for the 2021 Dhow Cruise on Dubai Creek & Marina:

Creek Sunset
Boarding Time
05:30 PMCreek Sunset
Departure Time
06:00 PM
Creek Dinner
Boarding Time
07:45 PMCreek Dinner
Departure Time
08:30 PM
Creek Sunset Price45 AEDCreek Dinner Price45 AED
Marina Dinner
Boarding Time
08:00 PMMarina Dinner
Departure Time
08:30 PM
Marina Sunset Price100 AEDMarina Dinner Price100 AED

Boarding Place:

Creek View Restaurant is located on the opposite side of Baniyas Street from the Rolex Twin Tower. Baniyas Street is also located across RTA Parking P3.

Booking Process:

Make a reservation inquiry by calling us up or filling out the form on our website. You should proceed with the money transfer or the deposit at the ATM. After your payment has been processed and all of the specifics of your tour have been ironed out, you can expect to get a confirmation email from us.

Procedure for Refunds and Cancellations:

Before calling ahead to make a reservation, at least six hours should have passed.

Notification of a trip’s cancellation or change must be provided within twenty-four hours, or else a fee equal to the entire cost of the trip may be assessed.

Free admission is given to children under the age of three, however the adult rate is charged to those who are older than three.

Cruise Dhow Menu:

Salad and Appetizers Bar

As an appetiser, we offer green salad, hummus with olive oil, cole slaw, mix salad, Russian salad, pasta salad, and vegetable samosa with curd.

Main Dish

As the main dish, you can choose to have fried rice or vegetable pulao, butter lentils, the vegetable of the day, hakka noodles, chicken biryani, creamy chicken, korma seekh kabab, shish tawook, creamy barbeque, and Arabic bread.


Dates, Custard, Kheer, Tea, Coffee, Cold Drinks, and Water

Dhow Cruise Dubai Standards & Safety:

Authorities and management are responsible for ensuring that each dhow is inspected and deemed seaworthy before being put into service. Every Captain has completed the required training and earned their certification. Dhow Cruise Creek Sail sets sail with management and control that are extremely stringent. In the event of a crisis, also remains available for contact. During your time on the Dhow Cruise, we will provide you with access to first aid kits, fire safety equipment, as well as life jackets. However, prior to this moment, there has not been a single instance of any kind of inappropriate behaviour that has been recorded.

Important Reminders!

Your vacation will be more enjoyable and peaceful if you just keep in mind a few simple things, such as the following:

  • Be prompt, as this is of the utmost importance. The timings of departure are not flexible; arriving early will allow you to board more swiftly.
  • You can prevent yourself from gaining additional weight if you make room on the Dhow Cruise Dubai for water and other beverages to drink.
  • It is strongly recommended that families pack warm clothing (Shawl). After the sun has set, the air can get rather chilly.
  • Make sure to dress in a way that is uncomplicated and comfortable. The most appropriate articles of apparel for women are rompers, jumpsuits, dresses, shirts with jeans, handbags, jewellery, and shoes.
  • It is recommended that men wear chinos, jeans, t-shirts, polo shirts, or dress shirts with cotton slacks, chinos, or cotton pants.
  • Those who have never tried it before should be advised that it has the potential to become addictive.

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