Doctor Khurram Abas 12th Biology MCQs Download pdf

Doctor Khurram Abas 12th Biology MCQs Download pdf.Dr. Khurram Abbas 12th Grade Biology Multiple Choice Questions The DKA Biology xii MCQs book is available in pdf format. Notes, Multiple Choice Questions, and Answer Keys for 2nd Year Biology

Biology XII, Dr. Khurram Abbas

The multiple choice questions (MCQs) below are examples taken from Biology xii.

The following is a list of animals that have a very high capacity for regeneration: a. Hydra b. Starfish c. Jellyfish d. Frog

Regeneration depends upon: A Biological activity in cells Cellular differentiation C Cellular expansion d. Cellular maturation

Because of the creation of one of the following types of scar tissue, regeneration in birds and mammals is often restricted to a very small wound: a. Scarb tissue b. Sar tissue c. Scar tissue d. Scarn tissue

Wound tissue, scar tissue, advanced tissue, and scarn tissue are the names given to the new forms of tissue that result from regeneration processes.

Which of the following terms refers to the study of aberrant development? a. teratology b. tetralogy c. teralogy d. terontology

Changes in the normal function and structure of an organism that occur during development that are destructive produce: a. abnormal growth or b. development defects
C. Developmental abnormalities d. None of the above

The term for the abnormal development in which the size of the skull is disproportionate to the size of the body is:
A. Megacephalous, B. Microcephalous, and D. Homocephalous:

The abnormal development associated with a split lip is referred to as: a. a spliteted lip b. a splitetel tongue

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