Download Faridi Physics MCQs Class XI and XII

Download Faridi Physics MCQs Class XI and XII.Download the PDF of the Faridi Physics MCQs for Classes XI and XII. All of the chapter mcqs have been thoroughly answered and come with solution keys. MCQs in Physics for Parts 1 and 2 of the F.S.C. Exam

The MCQs of Faridi Physics:

Here’s some example multiple choice from faridi physics multiple choice questions. First things first, let’s take a look at some interesting instances of physics multiple-choice problems. Downloadable versions of the complete physics FSC sections XI and XII notes may be found on this page. You may get the download by clicking the link that can be found at the bottom of this page.

(a) The axis of mass of the system of particles corresponds with C.G. (b) The centre of momentum of the body does not coincide with C.G. (c) The centre of mass of the system does coincide with C.G in the uniform gravitational field (d) nothing in any of these
Which one of the following is not an example of a spin motion? (a) the motion of the planets around the sun (b) the motion of the electron around the nucleus (c) the motion of the moon around the earth (d)
The whole weight of the body exerts force at (a) the body’s centre (b) the body’s centre of gravity (c) the body’s two points (d) the body’s numerous points.
Among other things, a musical instrument, a musical note, a measure of intensity level, and a wavelength all have the name “decibel.”
When a tuning fork with a frequency of 252 hertz is struck with another tuning fork with a frequency of (a) 63 hertz (b) 256 hertz, the result is four beats per second (c) 1008 Hz (d) 252 Hz
The waves caused by the earthquake are an example of the following types of waves: (a) audible waves; (b) shock waves; (c) ultrasonic waves; and (d) infrasonic waves.
Which of the following sound waves has a frequency that may be heard: (a) 5000 Hz (b) 5 Hz (c) 2500 KHz (d) 50 KHz
Over the phone, we are able to identify a friend’s voice based on the following characteristics: (a) intensity (b) loudness (c) quality (d) pitch
Changes in temperature have an influence on which one of the following characteristics of sound?
Which of the following is an example of compressional waves? [Compressional waves]
(a) waves of light (b) waves of water (c) waves of x-rays (d) waves of sound

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