English 11th Lesson 1 MCQs Short Questions Synonyms

English 11th Lesson 1 MCQs Short Questions Synonyms.The first unit of the 11th English course covers essential topics such as important synonyms, multiple choice questions, short questions, word pairs, and grammar. Choose the appropriate responses given.

Lesson 1 Synonyms 11th English

Norma made a scornful noise.
a Scornful b Beautiful c Faint d Dainty
She had many questions regarding the button unit.
a Fascinated b Disgusted c Overjoyed d Disappointed
Arthur appeared to be in shock.
a Bountiful in Energy b Astonished b Satisfied c Exhausted
There will be a brightness that is magnificent.
a Bright; b Dim; c Murky; d Dusky; a Shining; b
The scene would be very beautiful.
a Dreadful, Bumbling, Incompetent, and Beautiful
The sound of the raindrops falling is soothing.
a Melody \sb Fruit c Badtunes d Ugly faces
What do the leaves look like that are hydrated by water?
a The order is: Brown, Yellow, Green, and Dry.
What exactly did Norma discover when she opened up the button unit?
a Cables b Wires Nothing \sc Transistor-doped Vacuum Tubes
What was steward selling?
an A gadget b Nothing key c Everything d Button unit
Where exactly did Nora meet up with Arthur?
an In the lobby b In the office c In the elevator d In the kitchen an In the corridor b In the elevator

Important Short Questions Lesson 1

(1) What was the message that appeared on the screen after Norma pushed the button?
(2) After learning about the accident that involved her husband, did Norma continue to act normally?
(3) What does the landscape look like after it has rained?
(v) Write down the major thought or concept of the poem “The Rain.”

combinations l Pair of words

Heir is the same as air, while Allusion is the same as an illusion. Abject and Angel are both angles.

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