English 11th Lesson 2 MCQs Short Questions And Synonyms

English 11th Lesson 2 MCQs Short Questions And Synonyms.2nd Unit of the 11th Year of English Study: What’s Important? | Synonyms | Multiple-Choice Questions | Short Questions | Pairs of Words | Clearing in the Sky |

11th English Lesson 2 Synonyms

A. Embarrassed B. Proud C. Repulsed D. Passed out: This is how Jess’s dad brags.
The sheep dogs are still sleeping.
a Awake b Wake c Sleep d Bark

MCQs of Lesson 2

All MCQs are given below :

Important Short Questions (Lesson 2)

I What emotions did the elderly guy experience when he reached the age of seventy?
(ii) The question remains as to where the elderly father took his son and why.
(iii) Why did Jess’s father enjoy spending time in the woods?
(iv) Compose an analysis of the poem’s central theme, “The Night Mail.”
(v) What do you think the birds think when they hear the train pull into the station?

Consider using the following word combinations:

Beach – Beech Beside – Besides Born – Borne Symmetry – Cemetery

Urdu translation to be provided                                                                                             

                        Whether it was 16 degrees below zero or 97 degrees in the shade, he didn’t care. I wiped more sweat off my face as I kept following him along the narrow path between the pasture and the meadow.

The second lesson’s summary

We are hopeful that you will find this material helpful in preparing for 11th grade English. You might also want to check out the first eleventh-grade English lesson. For more unsolved mcqs plz check this blog.

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