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English Notes Analogies section For MDCAT. Section on analogies in English for the MDCAT. Notes for the MDCAT’s English Analogies section. MCQs on logical thinking using the MDCAT English Analogies study guide. When it comes to analogies, having a strong vocabulary is important, but it’s not enough to merely know what the words mean. When using analogies, you need to look for connections between different word combinations.

Examples of MDCAT English Analogies

Each of the following questions consists of four or five pairs of words or phrases that are related to one another. Choose the pair that most accurately captures a relationship that is similar to that expressed in the original pair.

A. Candle : light
B. Fire : spark
C. Hillock : Mountain
D. Splinter : wood
E. Milk : butter
The correct answer is (D)


First discover the connection between the given pair of words, and afterward search for the pair of words
among the appropriate responses that has a similar relationship.

A CRUMB might be a little piece that tumbles from or breaks distant from a touch of BREAD.
In decision (D), splinter might be a little piece that severs or parts distant from a touch of wood.

None of the connections between the 2 words inside different decisions is comparable to the connection among CRUMB and BREAD:

• Candle produces light; it’s anything but a little piece of a flame.
Flash can cause fire. Fire isn’t a piece of a sparkle.

Hillock and mountain have a relationship of little and enormous.
Milk is the thing that margarine is shaped from, yet spread isn’t a little piece of Milk.

Techniques For Trying Analogies:

Clarification of the former model gives three hints:

You should know the importance of the words.

You should be able to explain the relationship between the two words in the question during a sample sentence. By substituting the words from the test sentence, you should be able to convey the relationship in the correct response.

Create a “test sentence” that demonstrates the relationship between the two terms in the inquiry before responding to analogical queries. Then, try to incorporate a word from each choice into your test sentence to see which pair works better.

Download the full explanations of the notes:

The complete MDCAT English logical reasoning analogies notes, practise problems, and solutions are provided here. Download using the following link.

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