Entry Test MDCAT Biology Past Papers Solved MCQs Unit 14

Entry Test MDCAT Biology Past Papers Solved MCQs Unit 14. You have the MDCAT biology test coming up; are you putting together a study plan for it? If this is the case, you should check at these previous papers that have been graded so that you may study for the test in the same manner as the other students.

Not only will the answers to these prior tests help you prepare for the questions, but they will also explain how to reply to different sorts of questions and suggest what topics are most likely to be included on the test. Have a happy day! If you’d like, you may download several sample exams for the MDCAT Biology section. I ask that you click.

Create a summary of each topic that will be included on the MDCAT and include it in your outline. In order to adequately address any questions that may be raised, you should ensure that you have a comprehensive understanding of the aforementioned topics. If you want to do well on the test, you should definitely get some exam practise questions and look through any old papers that have solutions.

It might be helpful to study numerous previously solved papers, since this will help you comprehend things more clearly. This will provide you with a clear idea of how a certain issue was treated in depth, which will make it simpler for you to find questions on your paper that are of a similar sort. If there is one of the topics that you are struggling with, you need to put more effort into understanding the others. Additional multiple-choice questions (MCQs) in biology for the entrance test in 2022.

Unit 14 of the MDCAT Biology Solved Past Papers MCQs:

The purpose of the MDCAT examination is to measure a student’s level of expertise in the application of scientific knowledge, the formulation of hypotheses, the analysis and comprehension of data, and the utilisation of critical thinking skills in the resolution of problems. If you haven’t had any training in the topics being asked about, providing answers to many of the questions may be difficult for you.

If you want to be awarded a scholarship to dental school, it is imperative that you invest a significant amount of effort into the General Studies and Aptitude portions of the application. At the end of the day, there are no loopholes or tricks that can provide you an edge in this circumstance. There are no shortcuts or hacks. Your only option is to study and practise each question several times until you are able to give accurate responses to all of them.

Complete the tests from the past. Previous biology exams with solutions Entrance Exam MCQs of Biology Part 1 Chapter 14 | Biology | Solved Old Papers

1) The dew drops on the tips of grass leaves is an example of: (Entry Test 2009)
a) Infestation
b) Bleeding
c) Exudation
d) Imbibition
2) The attraction among water molecules which hold water together is caned: (Entry Test 2009)
a) Tension
b) Adhesion
c) Cohesion
d) Imbibition
3)The following constitutes its chemical make-up: (Entrance Self- Test-2011)
a) c) Lipoproteins
b) Glycoprotein
c) d) Polysaccharide
d) Glycolipids
4) Which chemicals are secreted by T-hlper cells to stimulate B-plpsma cells to divide? (Entrance Self-Test-2011)*
a) Interferon’s
b) Cytokinins
c) Histamines
d) Fibrin

MCQs taken from previous iterations of the MDCAT:

5) Which one of the following constitutes an example of a vaccine?(Entrance Test-2011)
a) Artificial active immunity
b) Natural active immunity
c) Artificial passive immunity
d) Natural passive immunity
6) B-lymphocytes and T-lymphocytes are formed: (Entrance self- Test-2011)*
a) Before birth in bone marrow
b) Befoée birth in thymus glands
c) After maturity in blood
d) After birth in blood
7) The antibodies provided to infant through mother’s milk is an example of: (Entrance Self- Test-2011)
a) Natural passive immunity
b) Artificial passive immunity
c) Natural active immunity
d) Artificial active immunity
8) Antigen is a foreign or any other “molecule stimulates the formation of: (Entry Test-2017)
a) NHC complex
b) Mucus
c) Immunogen,
d) Antibodies
9) Antibodies are produced by which of the following lymphocytes? (Entry Test 2012)*
a) B lymphocytes
b) T lymphocytes
c) B and T lymphocytes
d) b) A lymphocytes

MDCAT Practice Tests with Answers:

10) Skin and mucus membranes ace pact of body defense system and they form the influence of: (Entry rest 2012)
a) ‘a) Physical barriers
b) Chemical
c) Mechanical barriers
d) Biological barriers
11) T-lymphocytes become mature and complete under influence of: Entry Test 2012
a) Liver
b) Thymus gland
c) Bursa of fabrics
d) Spleen
12) Snake bite is treated with which type of immunization? (Entry Test 2012)
a) Active
b) Passive
c) Humoral
d) Specific
13) Mammalian mature red blood cells lack the following: Entry Test 2012
a) Nucleus
b) Red color
c) Fluids
d) Hemoglobin
14) In normal person plasma contributes “about by volume of blood: (Entry Test 2012)
d) 30%
c) 45%
b) 90%
a) 55%
15) Which vein has oxygenated blood? (Entry rest 2012)
a) Femoral vein
b) Pulmonary vein
c) Subclavian vein
d) Jugular vein
16) The average life span of red blood cell is about: (Entrance Test 2016)
a) Four months
b) Five months
c) Two months
d) One month

MCQs for the MDCAT Entrance Exam 2013-2021:

17) The lymphatic vessels of the body empty into the blood stream at the: (Entrance Test-2013)
a) Jugular vein
b) Abdominal vein
c) Subclavian vein
d) Bile duct
18) Right atrium is separated from right ventricle by: (Entrance Test 2013)
a) Tricuspid valve
b) Semi lunar valve
c) Bicuspid valve
d) Septum
19) In passive immunity which of the following components are injected into body? (Entrance Test 2013)
a) Antigens
b) Immunogens
c) Serum
d) Immunoglobulin’s
20) Which part of antibody recognizes the antigen during immune response? (Entrance Test-2013)
a) c) Light pan
b) Heavy part
c) Variable part
d) Constant part
21) Antibodies are proteins and made up of how many polypeptide chains? (Entrance Test-2014)
a) One
b) Two
c) Three
d) Four

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