Essays Short Stories Letters and Applications Notes for Primary 5th Grade

Essays Short Stories Letters and Applications Notes for Primary 5th Grade. Here you will find English essays, stories, letters, applications, and notes for students in the third through fifth grades. The study notes for 5th Class English are now available for you to print out or download. Essays, stories, letters, and language structure are all straightforward and simple to understand and comprehend. For students in third through fifth grades, outstanding English study notes are available. Simple 5th Grade English stories, letters, essays, and application notes that are easy to read and understand It is being prepared as part of SNC’s direction that these notes are being written: (Single Nation Curriculum). While putting together these notes, keep in mind all of the SNC points.

Essay list for 5th class:

  • My School Essay for Class 5
  • Essay on Earth for Class 5
  • Essay on Holi for Class 5
  • Essay on Christmas for Class 5
  • Essay on My Mother for Class 5
  • Essay on My Country for Class 5
  • Essay on Television for Class 5
  • Short Essay on Pollution for Class 5
  • Essay on Discipline for Class 5
  • Essay on Mahatma Gandhi for Class 5
  • Essay on Republic Day for Class 5
  • Happiest Day of My Life Essay for Class 5
  • My Birthday Party Essay for Class 5
  • Essay on Earthquake for Class 5
  • Essay on Flood for Class 5
  • Essay on Water Pollution for Class 5
  • Essay on Environment for Class 5

List of Stories for 5th Grade:

  • An old man lived in the village
  • The wise man
  • The foolish donkey
  • Having a best friend
  • The four smart students
  • The greedy lion
  • The two friends & the bear
  • The struggles of our life
  • The fox & the grapes
  • The lion & the poor slave

Letter and Application for 5th Grade:

Fifth Grade Students Write Informal Letters:

Informal Letters for Class 5 and Applications are included in this essay, with the former being the focus. This post offers two samples of informal letters for students in Class 5. If you think these Informal English Letters are Writing simple or if you need additional instances, you can check out Informal Letters for Classes 6 and 7 for more information. Letters in this topic are quite straightforward, keeping the junior class in mind. However, we have also posted Informal Letters for Class 8 on our website in the English Letters Writing Category for the benefit of the more older students.

  • A Letter for Friend about your examination
  • A Letter to Father for Money to Buy Clothes

Writing an Application for Fifth Grade:

  • Application for Sick Leave
  • Application for Marriage Leave
  • Application for Fee Concession

A Letter to a Friend about your examination:

Murree MallRoad,


Jan. 12, 2022

My Dear Ali,

Today is the end of my examination. The papers were straightforward. I’ve performed admirably. I intend to take first place in class. Please let me know how you completed your papers.

Yours Sincerely,

Muhammad Asad

Application for Sick Leave:

The Principal/Head Master,

Govt.Primary School,

Dera ghazi khan.

Dear Sir,

I’d want to inform you that I got a fever yesterday night. I am feeling better now, but I am unable to attend school. Please accept my apologies for my absence from school today.

Yours Sincerely,

Muhammad Ali,

Class 5th C


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Essays Short Stories Letters and Applications Notes for Primary 5th Grade
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