Etisalat’s new local and flexible control line offers

Etisalat’s new local and flexible control line offers. This time around, having unlimited internet data and phone minutes is the most important feature to have. If you are interested in purchasing a package deal, one that includes unlimited data, a certain amount of local minutes, and calls to a single number, go here. Additionally, Etisalat has only recently introduced its Control Lines local and Flexi package options. There are no restrictions on who may take advantage of these deals—users can choose between prepaid and postpaid options.

How Does the New Control Line Operate?

It mixes prepaid and postpaid lines so that you may use whatever resources you have to pay for your monthly costs, and it does this without charging you any additional fees. You won’t get access to more resources or go over your monthly budget until you purchase the appropriate add-ons. By dialling *555# or using the My Etisalat UAE app, you may easily pay your bills, and the amount that you choose will be deducted from your balance account. This service is available to you at no additional cost. While you are subscribed to the Control Line plan with Etisalat, you will not be charged automatically for the monthly package. In the event that you do not pay your bill, the service that you receive will be terminated immediately.

Etisalat’s New Control Line:

You should get the most out of the money you spend on the Etisalat network in the UAE. The new control line packages and deals enable endless minutes to a certain number, additional calls to other lines, as well as unlimited internet usage for a fair monthly charge. The two different plans or packages that are offered are known as New Control Line Local and New Control Line Flexi. Permit me to provide to you a detailed analysis of the programmes, which will include information on pricing, activation codes, and other pertinent details. So, let us begin…

Etisalat Local Package for Control Line:

There is no commitment required; instead, you will be charged AED 80.00 per month for unlimited data, 100 minutes of local calling, and 1000 minutes to a single number. The prices reflected above include a VAT of 5%. Visit this official link to place an order for one. However, you can pay the fixed bill by dialling *555# on your telephone keypad. Check your balance to make sure there is enough money in it before you pay the charge.

Flexi Etisalat Control Line Package:

Etisalat’s new local and flexible control line offers. The price of the brand-new Flexi control line bundle is 80 AED (with VAT). Despite this, you will receive an unlimited amount of internet bandwidth at 64 Kbps (and 1GB with unlimited speed). In the UAE, it is possible to receive 50 Flexi minutes. In addition to 1000 free minutes to a single number. The delivery of the shipment is also provided free of charge. Visit this official retailer to place an order for one.

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