First Year Biology Scheme for All Punjab Boards 2022

First Year Biology Scheme for All Punjab Boards 2022. 11 class biology pairing scheme 2022. Fsc part 1 biology pairing scheme 2022. Biology pairing 1st year 2022. Scheme biology 1st year 2021.1st year biology pairing scheme 2021 punjab board

First-Year Biology Scheme: Are you looking forward to your upcoming school final exams? Are you looking for help with your Biology homework? Here’s a step-by-step approach to assure that, whether you’re in your first year or not, you’ll be ready to test when the time comes. The first-year Biology assessment system 2022, as well as an example of how it may appear on a test, can be seen at the bottom of this page. This study plan will help you prepare for your annual test. you might also get 12th class Computer Scheme 2022

2022 Scheme for First-Year Biology:

Students can plan out their weeks using the 1st year Biology partnering scheme 2021. And they understand what they need to study. This not only assists them in properly preparing for an exam, but it also helps them improve their grades. Many people have had success in this area. The 11th grade biology matching scheme is similar to previous ones in that it allows you to learn from your own and others’ mistakes as well as refine your knowledge by examining earlier questions about matched courses like Biology.

  • Topic-Biology
  • 85 total no
  • 15 Practical Marks
  • Number of MCQs: 17
  • Time to attempt the paper: 2:40 hr.

Follow to the 11th Biology Study Plan:

It is critical that you study diligently at this time so that none of the questions on the exam will catch you off guard. You will know what to write down after analysing prior papers. Recognize your weaker ideas and clarify your understanding so that when it’s time for your real test, you’ll be able to answer all of them without problems.

Marks of Objective Marks:

11th Class Biology Marks of Objective Marks

Marks of Shorts Questions:

Unit            No QuestionUnit             No. QuestionUnit        No. Question
    2                    1    1                    2   5                   1
    3                    3    4                    2   6                   1
    8                    2    7                    4  12                  3
   10                   4    9                    2  13                  4
   11                   2    14                  2 
1st Year Biology Marks of Shorts Questions

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