Fsc 1st Year Biology MCQs Short and Long Kingdom Plantae

Fsc 1st Year Biology MCQs Short and Long.Unit Nine Plantae of Fsc Biology Part 1 significant MCQs, short questions, and lengthy questions compiled from previous years’ exam papers for the FSC yearly exam.t 9 Kingdom Plantae.

Unit 9 Kingdom Plantae MCQs for FSC 1st Year Biology:

microsporangium; stigma; style; ovary; microsporangium; style; ovary .

A skin disease, diseases of the blood, diseases of the lungs, and diseases of the brain can be cured by using the leaves of the cassia alata plant.

The evolution of the pollen tube is indicative of the following: a. the evolution of flowers; b. the evolution of leaves; c. the evolution of seeds; or d. all of these.

The first group of plants with vascular tissue was the a. Psilophyta, b. Lycopsida, c. Pteropsida, or d. Sphenopsida.

Unit 9 of FSC 1st Year Biology Short Questions:

Define ovule. What exactly are the intriguries?
How would you define the changing of generations? Which generation of vascular plants is more prevalent than others?
Define flower. Identify the many components of it.
Make a distinction between monocots and dicots (only two points for each)
Please list the applications of a). Atropa belladonna b). Cassia Obovata
Define double fertilisation. Which genus or subgenus of plants does it belong to?
Take note of the characteristics that differentiate bryophytes from other plants.

Long Questions for FSC 1st Year Biology Unit 9 Kingdom Plantae:

a. Explain how leaves developed into their current form. b. Distinguish between heterospory and heterogamy.

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