Fsc Part 1 Biology Smart Syllabus Solved Exercises 2021-2022 ALP

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2021-2022 Smart Syllabus Part 1 of the Alp solved exercises for Fsc Biology. 1st-year Biology chapter-by-chapter solved exercises based on the Alp curriculum 2020-2021. Download all of the chapter exercises in pdf format, complete with solutions.

11th Biology Smart Syllabus 2022 Exercises:

11th Biology Unit 1: Alp Solved Exercise:

What role does biology play in the well-being of humanity?

Fill up the blanks with your answers

Environmental biology is the study of the environment

(Student Work)

is the study of organisms and their interactions with their surroundings

There are four alternatives for each question. Make a circle around the right answer

ALP Exercise for Fsc 1st Year Biology:

2021-2022 Smart Syllabus

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