Fsc Unit 8 Fungi Multiple-Choice Questions, Short and Long

Fsc Unit 8 Fungi Multiple-Choice Questions, Short and Long.Fsc 11th class Biology unit 8 Fungi crucial multiple-choice questions. In a similar vein, it includes both short and long questions pertaining to the fungi covered in Biology unit 8.

  1. Fungi are considered to be a kingdom in their own right.

a. Plantae b. Animalia

  1. Which of the following is not a fungal character? c. Protista d. None

the cell walls of these organisms contain cellulose, they are heterotrophic, they do not have centrioles, and they do not move.

  1. Which of the following does not belong to the group of green algae?

a. Fucus b. Ulva c. Acetabularia
d. Spirogyra

  1. In their shape and composition, green algae may be similar to

a. Unicellular b. Colonial c. Multicellular d. All

  1. There are accessory genes for bacteria present in

a. Plasmids b. Nucleoid
c. RNA
d. Plasmid and Nucleoid Structures

  1. Mesosomes are expansions of the nuclear envelope.

a. Cell wall b. Cell membrane c. Chromatin body d. Capsule 8. Which of the following is an example of a DNA virus? a. Cell wall b. Cell membrane c. Chromatin body d. Capsule 9.

a. Polio virus b. In fluenza virus c. Paramyxoviruses d. Herpes virus

  1. Which of these viruses does not have a spherical shape?

a. Tubulovirus b. Infloenza virus c. Herpes virus d. All 10. Which of the following does not make up chloroplasts?

a. Matrix
b. The Stroma. c. The Envelope. d. The Thylakoid Membrane.

  1. How many chromosomes are found in the germ cells of a frog?

a. 48 b. 26 c. 8 d. 13 12 The processes that enzymes are involved in are:

a. Medium that is dry b. Medium that is oily c. Medium that is aqueous
d. None

  1. The active site has a solid framework.

a. The Lock and Key Model; b. The Induce Fit Model; c. The Rosette Models; d. None of the Above;

  1. One example of this is rubber.

Acylglycerols, Terpenoids, Waxes, and Carbohydrates are the following: a.

  1. How many different types of carbon atoms are there in butyric acid?

a. 8 b. 16 c. 18 d. 4

  1. When individuals of the same species mate, they can produce

a. Population b. Ecosystem c. Biosphere d. Community 17. b. Biosphere c. Which of the following does not belong to the list of tiny molecules?

a. Protein b. CO2 c. H2O d. NO2 18. When it comes to plants, the entire organism is created by the interaction of

a. Systems b. Organ c. Tissues d. Organelles

  1. Which of the following is not a member of the Sac fungi?

a. alternaria b. Puffballs c. Pilobolus d. All 20. The majority of the lichen that is visible is composed of.

a. Food b. Shells c. Algae d. Fungi
Which group of lichens exhibits a branching growth form?

lichens that are high in crustose, lichens that are high in fructose, lichens that are high in fruiticose, or all 22. Which of the following animals meet the criteria for the classification of vertebrate fish?

  1. The Shark Fish 2. The Crayfish 3. The Jelly Fish 4. The Star Fish
  2. The kingdom of Protista was established by the efforts of the

R. Whittaker, John Hogg, Linnaeus, and E. Haeckel are the names that come to mind.

Short Questions for Fsc Part 1 Biology Unit 8:

How are yeasts distinct from other types of fungi, and where do they fit in the taxonomic hierarchy?
What are some examples of inappropriate uses of tetracycline and streptomycin?
How are chromoplasts and leucoplasts distinct from one another?
Why are mitochondria considered to be the cell’s primary source of energy?
What exactly are red tides and kelps?
What kind of phylum do brown algae and red algae belong to?
Explain the meaning of conjugated molecules with some
Define transcription. Can you name the different kinds of RNA? What do the abbreviations NAD and CTP stand for?
Inhibitors can be divided into two categories: competitive and noncompetitive.
Define Optimum pH. When it comes to the enzyme pancreatic lipase, what is the ideal pH?
Identify the factors that contribute to the variable rates of enzyme action.
Please name two different approaches that are used to treat cancer. In addition, please define each Please define cloning. What exactly does it mean to have an integrated illness management?

Long Questions For FSC Biology Part 1:

  • Do some writing on the subject of nutrition in fungus.
  • jot down some thoughts on a) c) Chloroplasts Plasma membrane
  • Describe the stages of development that bacteriophages go through.
  • Make a list of distinguishing features of cyanobacteria.

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