Full Book 10th Computer Test According To ALP Syllabus 2022

Full Book 10th Computer Test According To ALP Syllabus 2022. According to the Smart Syllabus 2022, the 10th Computer whole book syllabus test is required. Complete book of MCQs, short and long questions for Matric Computer. Computerized 10th grade whole curriculum test in Urdu and English.

10th Class computerised full-book test:

As we all know, the Punjab Board of Secondary Education has issued an alp smart computer syllabus. For the yearly test, numerous chapters and exercises questions are eliminated from the smart syllabus.

As a result, we have completed the computer paper for 10th grade. Which is completely in accordance with the 2022 alp smart curriculum study schedule.

There are key MCQs, important short questions, and extensive questions in this test. This test is followed by a new 10th-grade partnering arrangement.

Complete the tenth-grade test The computer is available in both Urdu and English. The test may be downloaded by clicking on the link below.

10th Computer Guess Paper 2022:

To assist matric class candidates in attaining excellent grades. We provide a computer guess paper with short and long unit-wise questions.


Hopefully, this test will assist you in preparing for the yearly computer examination papers for the 10th grade. You’ll also be able to get high grades on the exam.

This will also offer you an idea of your computer topic preparedness. This test can also be utilised at Matric academies for practise purposes.

If the download does not work, please let us know by leaving a comment in the box below. Visit this blog’s Home page for more papers and study materials.

This blog also has some practise MCQs for 10th grade computing.

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