Government Colleges Islamabad Discontinue Several BS and Associate Degree Programs

Government Colleges Islamabad Discontinue Several BS and Associate Degree Programs. Infofounder has found the news that the Government has not accepted the degree of BS program and associate program. It is Informed to everyone who had already enrolled in the BS program and associate degree. The Government College Of Islamabad has Not accepted the associate degree and BS Program.

Government Colleges Islamabad Discontinue Several BS and Associate Degree Programs. Today marks the third day of the public sector college teachers’ strike. Against the Federal Directorate of Education (FDE), and they are continuing to stand by their demands.

The Federal Government College Teachers Association (FGCTA) is leading the opposition to the FDE. Many government colleges claim to have eliminated several 4-year BS programs and 2-year Associate Degree (AD) programs.

Parents who cannot afford the exorbitant university tuition fees choose to enroll their children in government colleges for higher education. They are forced to send their kids to college after various programs are eliminated.

Additionally, teachers are required to teach students even during summer breaks. The FDE’s schedule for the BS and AD programs is having a negative impact on their effectiveness.

Separately, Islamabad’s prestigious private schools and colleges were strongly reprimanded. By the Private Educational Institutions Regulatory Authority (PEIRA). For observing a holiday in response to the current state of law and order.

City School E-11/3, Lahore Grammar School H-8/1, Super Nova Education System F-8/1. Froebel’s International School F-7/2, Roots International School and College H-8/4. And Beaconhouse School System Bani Gala observed the closure on November 8. Without taking into account that the federal capital’s roads were open. And that the situation with law and order was under control.

Several BS and Associate Degree Programs:

It is heard that the Govt College has not allowed the BS program of the Associate Program. The government sector has not accepted the BS program Asoosicate diploma. Several BS and Associate Degree Programs in Government Colleges in Islamabad were discontinued.

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