GU Ghazi University Dera Ghazi Khan

GU Ghazi University Dera Ghazi Khan Ghazi University is a university in the city of Ghazi Dera Ghazi Khan is a city in Pakistan. D.G. Khan University in Ghazi Ghazi University is located in the city of Ghazi. Dera Ghazi Khan is located in Dera. Ghazi University, founded by D.G. Khan, first opened its doors in 2012. It began on June 11, 2014, and is still going strong. This university not only taught people who didn’t have the opportunity to go to school, but it also gave me the opportunity to see what I could do without having to rely on grants and scholarships, which made it difficult for people like me who had to work so hard to go to school just to go to school, you know? Plus, I had a fantastic job waiting for me when I finished from college last year at the age of 32.

As a result, he was appointed Vice Chancellor of three separate institutions.

  • Okara University is a university in Okara
  • Sahiwal University is a public university in Sahiwal, Punjab
  • Ghazi University, DG Khan

Ghazi University Admission 2022:

Ghazi University Admission open on annually base. Ghazi university soon open the admission portal of 2022.

Ghazi University Merit List 2021-2022:

Ghazi University merit list of 2021-2022 are be available at the end of this post.Students who wants to gets admission in Ghazi University dera ghazi khan, they can find merit list of previous year merit list of all subjects all department.

Admissions-Related Programmes 2022:

Undergraduate Programs
BS-Islamic-Studies Programs
BS-English Programs
BS-Physics Programs
BS-Chemistry Programs
BS-Botany Programs
BS-Mathematics Programs
BS-Urdu Programs
BS-Economics Programs
BS-IT Programs
BS-Political-Science Programs
BS-Zoology Programs
BS-Statistics Programs
BS-Sociology Programs
BS-Pakistan-Studies Programs
BS-Environmetal-Science Programs
B.S- (Hons)Soil–Science Programs
BS-History Programs
B.Ed.-(Hons.)-Elementary Programs
BS-Food-Science & Technology Programs
B.Sc-(Hons)-Agriculture Programs
BSc-Plant-Pathalogy Programs
BSc-(Hons)-Plant-Breeding And Genetics Programs Programs
BSc-(Hons.)-Horticulture Programs
Ghazi University Dera Ghazi Khan Academic Program

Programs for Graduate Students 2022:

Graduate Programs
M.Sc-ChemistrY- Programs
MA-Political Science-Programs
MS BA-(BusinessAdministration)-Programs
M.Sc-Hons-Agri Entomology-Programs
BBA-2 Years-Programs
MS-Animal-Sciences Programs
B.Ed-1.5 YearsPrograms
MSc-Hons-Plant Pathalogy-Programs
MBA-3.5 Years-Programs
MBA-1.5 Years-Programs
M.Sc-HonsAgronomy Programs
M.Sc-HonsPlant Breeding & Genetics Programs
M.Sc-HonsSoilScience Programs
M.Sc-HonsHorticulture Programs
M.Phil-Islamic StudiesPrograms
M.Phil-(Physics) Programs
M.Phil-(Chemistry) Programs
Ghazi University Dera Ghazi Khan Graduate Programs

Ghazi University DGK Faculties:

  • Agri Science Faculties
  • Faculty of the Arts
  • Management and Social Science faculties
  • Science faculties
  • MS Team Faculty, Online Learning Management System
  • Online New Admissions Applying Faculties

About Ghazi University:

If you wanna get admission in Ghazi university Dera Ghazi Khan then you need to know about Ghazi University AIM, VISION and Faculties.

Ghazi University Aim

It is critical that we provide our children and young people with the resources they require to be successful. People require a strong education in order to deal with any challenges that may arise. The children will be prepared for today’s world, where countless opportunities await them around every turn. It’s only a matter of taking them. We can ensure that they are prepared for today’s world by providing them with the most up-to-date tools and expertise.

The Vision You See Close Your Eyes: Ghazi University

Because we are creating a knowledge-based society, everyone will have access to education and resources. As a world-class educational institution, we will conduct research, offer resources, and collaborate with organisations throughout the world that share our ideals about human development and a safe and high-quality existence.

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