How can I check my Sawa balance?

How can I check my Sawa balance?. STC is a Saudia Arab telecommunications company that offers a wide variety of internet service plans to its customers. In today’s day and age, this company has garnered a lot of support and admiration from Saudi citizens.

Bonjour, Friends! I have completely walked you through the process of checking your STC Internet balance, as well as the Sawa balance.

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How do you check your Sawa balance?

dial *166# or call 1500

How can I find out how much data I have left on my internet plan?

dial *121#

How can I check how much data I’ve used on my mobile device?

Dial this code *1411# on your mobile

Where can I see the STC balance for my account in Bahrain?

dial For Postpaid,  *98888# dial For Prepaid, *101#”

Where can I get the details of my STC WIFI bill?

Click Payments tab > SADAD > SADAD bills

How do I find out what my current STC package is?

How Can I Determine the Current Status of My Package? send 2220 to 900

How do I purchase one of STC’s internet packages through the internet?

In Saudi Arabia, what is the cheapest Internet sim?


What is the number for STC’s customer service?

Dial 900 for live chat or to make a live call

00 966 11 455 5555

No, the STC call centre

Dial 900 at any moment to report an issue of any kind

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