How to Use Free or Du Premium WiFi in the UAE

What exactly is DU WiFi UAE?

How to Use Free or Du Premium WiFi in the UAE. The United Arab Emirates has set a goal for the year 2022 of providing free and premium WiFi network connections. You have the choice of selecting the free, postpaid, or premium service. The technology, however, will give you coverage over the entirety of the UAE. As a consequence of this, users may access the Wifi network using their mobile phones, tablets, and even personal computers and laptops. The service will contribute to the growth of the UAE while also providing residents and visitors with access to high-speed WiFi wherever they are in the country and at any time. This will enable users to obtain mobile internet connections.

For your information, WiFi access in the UAE will be provided in public areas such as coffee shops, malls, airports, and many other venues, including transportation. The actual question, however, is how to make use of the free or premium WiFi in the UAE provided by Du or any other network. In the paragraphs that follow, I shall present evidence to support this assertion.

Using UAE WiFi on DU: How Do I?

It is not difficult to connect to WiFi in the UAE in locations where it is available. For your information, every user gets access to a free WiFi internet connection of up to 50 megabytes per day. The maximum allowed resets itself after a period of 24 hours. Although there are other premium solutions available, which cost 25 AED for a day’s or a week’s worth of access and do not have any restrictions, However, before we get into it, let’s go over the methods for accessing the free or premium UAE WiFi on Du.

Step 1:To connect to UAE WiFi and start taking advantage of the service, please follow these instructions: Navigate to the Settings menu on the device, and after that, select the WiFi option. Choose “WiFi UAE” from the list of possible networks on your device connected to Du’s network. Please go to at this very moment.

Step 2:You will only need to conduct this step of the registration process once, so don’t worry about inputting your phone number many times.

Step 3:After that, you will be provided with an OTP for the Free WiFi UAE; after entering it, click the Continue button. After the verification is complete, you will be connected to the network, so you may immediately begin utilizing the WiFi.

Keep in mind that in order for them to complete the purchase in the last stage, they will need to use either their Du Recharge Cards, Credit Cards, or Du Accounts. This is a need if they wish to access the premium UAE WiFi.

Checking UAE WiFi Data:

The procedure is the same regardless of whether you want to check free or paid data for UAE WiFi. To get started with DU WiFi, all you have to do is create a new text message, enter “WIFIUAE,” and send it to 1355 from your prepaid or postpaid DU line. You will shortly receive an SMS with the remaining amount of data for your UAE WiFi connection. You also have the option of going to their website and checking the amount of unused premium WiFi data there is there.

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