Important Questions for Chapter 7: Kingdom Protista

Important Questions for Chapter 7: Kingdom Protista.Questions that need responses from the reader Concerning the Kingdom of Protista in Biology Chapter 7 Important issues pertaining to the Kingdom of Protista are discussed in the Biology Chapter 7 textbook for students in the 11th grade. It has both multiple-choice and short answer questions in its format. In addition to that, there are some important questions that are quite specific and go into great depth.

Unit 7 Key Kingdom Protista Questions:

Important Questions for Chapter 7: Kingdom Protista. Biology Chapter 7 of the 11th Grade Textbook: Kingdom Protista crucial questions. It comprises key MCQs and Short questions. There are also significant in-depth questions included.Click for more info.

Important Short Questions for Unit 7: Kingdom Protista:

List at least two distinguishing features of slime moulds.
Describe in detail two distinguishing features of oomycotes.
Describe the items listed below:

(a) Trypanosoma

Phytophthora infestans, in the second place

What are the similarities between fungi and protesters that look like fungi?
What exactly are red tides and kelps?
Can you tell me the phylum that both red algae and brown algae belong to?

Important Long Questions for Unit 7 Kingdom Protista:

Make a note of the things that are listed below.

Euglenoids Zoo flagellates

Important MCQs for 11th Biology Chapter 7:

These are the most important primary producers in aquatic ecosystems.

a. Green algae b. Diatoms c. Euglenoids d. Brown algae a. Green algae b. Diatoms c. Euglenoids

  1. Which of the following structures does not exist in algae?

a. the root, b. the stem and leaves, c. the vascular tissue, and d. the entire plant.

a. Fucus b. Ulva c. Acetabularia
d. Spirogyra

  1. In their shape and composition, green algae may be similar to

a. Unicellular b. Colonial c. Multicellular d. All

  1. An illustration of Laminaria is found in

a. Diatoms b. Brown algae c. Red algae d. Green algae

  1. The classification of algae is based on the following:

a. The shape and the framework
b. Locomotion c. Pigment composition d. All

  1. In which classification of algae do locomotory features not exist?

the dinoflagellates, the green algae, the brown algae, and the red algae are listed in this order:

  1. Which other class of algae are connected to zooflagellates the most closely?

a. Euglenoids

  1. Which group is comprised of parasitic protozoans that, at some point in their life cycles, produce spores?

a. Ciliates b. Apicomplexans c. Zooflagellates d. Actinopods

  1. The phase of the slime mould life cycle during which it feeds is called

a. Plasmodium b. Mycelium c. Hyphae d. Psendopodium

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